chapter two

chapter two

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter    two






    I’m still exhausted from the run-in with the ‘ConcreteMaker’.  I’m glad it happened though, now I know what happened to Alduin before I moved and I have a few cool tricks up my sleeve if someone tries to pull the stereotypical New-York back ally robbery.

Honestly though, if someone were to ask me what my worst fear was, I would have to say concrete, and lucky me I live in New York City now, where everything is concrete.

You want me to shut up and tell the story already? Alrighty then, your wish is my command.

It was six days ago, two days after we first moved to NYC and it was my first day of school here (yeah, thanks for making me go straight to school dad, I say sarcastically) and I had already singled out the two girls that seemed to be the ring leaders of pretty much everything.

Experience told me to get in good with them first, then find real friends so when the first period bell rang after I finally found where I was supposed to go I sat down behind Hailey and Samantha (last names so far unknown, trust me, I’m the kind of person that usually remember everyone’s last name)

“So you’re the new girl, huh?” Samantha sniffed.

I tried to focus, getting frustrated with these kind of girls will get you now where, “Yeah that’s me,” I said evenly with a small smile twitching the corners of my lips as I pulled out my agenda “but I’ve forgotten to change my name to ‘the new girl’ but don’t worry, I’ll get that mess sorted out later” I pretended to jot something down.

The other girl, Hailey, who sat right next to Samantha, twisted around so she could face me, burst out laughing.

Samantha sniffed and didn’t turn around, so I propped my feet up on the little shelf for textbooks that hung under everyone’s desks, (trust me about this too; it’s the most annoying thing you can do to someone you want to annoy at school).

Perfect, Hailey laughed and was facing me and I had one-upped Samantha. “My name is Alexis by the way, Alexis Wolfbane” I said to break the ice that radiated off of Samantha.

“Hailey, Hailey wright” said Hailey, Hailey Wright, who flipped her long, extremely thick, auburn hair that flowed down her shoulder in huge slow curls. I noticed something strange about her; her eyes were brown with flecks of blue, the reverse of mine.

“You have a weird last name” Samantha said without turning around. She ran a thin hand through extremely oily hair that had been died so many names that I couldn’t tell what color it really was, so I decided to call it ick colored.

I paused her deciding whether to say ‘at least I have a last name. Samantha--?’ or to try to start a more interesting conversation to try and get her to like me, I ended up saying “Even stranger back in South Carolina one of my best friends’ name was Alduin Dragonbane”

“Whoa, that’s a big coincidence!” said Hailey; she said coincidence like co-ink-ee-dink, which made me laugh.

“So that’s where you’re from” Samantha said flatly and got no response from me.

Oh, and something I should have started the story off with is that three days before our move to New York, Alduin simply disappeared without a word of good-bye or where he went to anyone, I wasn’t really worried though, he had disappeared like that before and came back a few days later (everyone would try to ask where he had gone and why but he was just too good at dodging our questions).

“So, Alexis, who are you here with?” Hailey asked, smiling happily but I could see past her false expression, she was thinking very hard about something.

“My little brother and my step-dad” I answered.

Hailey nodded slowly “do you mind me asking what happened, you know, why you’re with your step-dad”

“My mom and real dad got a divorce a few years back, then my mom married my step dad, then my mom and real dad disappeared only last month”

“Just last month?!?!” Hailey seemed shocked; I decided she was a very sensitive person.

“Yeah, me and Kev like to think that our mom and real dad eloped together so were not to upset just disappointed in our mom for leaving our real-dad then our step-dad” I elaborated.(Kev is what I call my little brother, his real name is Kevin)

“Oh, well it’s good that you know they’re probably alive and well out their somewhere” Hailey said distractedly “hey Alexis, can I see your schedule?”

So I let her take a look at my schedule and we discovered we have every class together except homeroom.

“Do you want to come play soccer with me, Nick and Tony in gym? I’m sure they’d like you and I could introduce you to them and some of my other friends” Hailey offered.

“Yeah, I’d love to” I replied

“Samantha, you wanna come too?” Hailey asked the girl who was still staring straight ahead.

“I’ll pass” Samantha grouchy-pants no-name replied coldly.








© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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