chapter four

chapter four

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter  Four




I know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re such an idiot Alexis! Why would you do that!?!? Now you’re going to have died in the fourth chapter! Just the fourth! I don’t know about you but I think the main character dying in the beginning doesn’t make a very good story!

Well guess what I survived, I’m alive! As I fell I actually thought that I would never see little brother again, that surprised me because I never thought I would mind never seeing him again but I guess I would.

I fell almost ten feet in utter darkness too freaked out to scream, then I landed, it didn’t hurt at all like I thought it would be the suddenness off it pushed me to my knees. The ground sagged under me then snapped back sending me flying into the air again.

“How the heck did you get a trampoline down here?” I asked when I finally stopped bouncing. I could barely see through the dark but I could make out Tony and Nick standing near an archway by the trampoline. We were in a circular stone room that was mostly filled by the trampoline.

“It took forever to move all the parts down here” Tony said “but we managed it”

“Move out of the way Alexis!” Hailey called from up the shaft. She had closed the hole at the top and was clinging to the ladder.

I crawled to the edge of the trampoline and hoped off, my legs felt wobbly after that but I got over it pretty quick.

“I remember the first time I came down here.” Tony said “I refused to even use the ladder   ’cus I was such a wimp so Nick shoved me through”

We all laughed. Hailey leaped from the ladder, landed on her feet on the trampoline, was flung back into the air, flipped, and landed in a split.

“That was showy even for you” Nick said, I noticed that Nick didn’t talk very much; he let Tony do all the talking.

“Yeah? Anyway c’mon the hidey-hole is this way” Hailey said leading the way through the stone arch.

Tony pulled a little flashlight out of his pocket and lit the way.

The tunnel was just big enough for us to walk single file, it wasn’t hot or cold but water hung the air making it feel muggy and sticky.

“What's the hidey-hole?” I asked

“A hidey-hole, exactly that. Where we hide our equipment and stay in case of emergency.” Nick scoffed. I had expected Hailey or Tony to answer but it doesn’t matter.

Hailey spun around and stopped, causing Tony to stop also and Nick bumped into Tony and I bumped into Nick. “That’s cowardly! The hidey-hole isn’t for hiding! It’s for training and planning, and storing our gear!”

“Sure! Sure! Of course it is Nick just has a thing against being in a hole not out ramming his sword through some demons” Tony said hastily

“Swords, demons, getting run straight through with cars, trampolines in the sewer! Who are you people?”

That little outburst came from me; hey I bet you would be shouting to in this situation.

“Were the banes, Alexis” Hailey said starting to move again.

While trudging through a little stone tunnel that smelt like fish they explained most everything to me. “We ummm do you know about wizards, sorcerers, and magicians?” was how Tony started.

“Well yeah, I read about them but they aren’t real, right?”

“They are, they definitely are, and they’re always up to something” Nick growled


“It’s true, Alexis” Hailey said “We are the few humans with a resistance to their evil magik, it’s because of our feral blood”

“Feral blood?” I asked “what the heck does that mean?”

“It means we are people with the blood of animals. If I was given a blood test the doctor would freak because the computer would say I was a bear.” Tony laughed.

“You’re not good at explaining this” Nick said flatly “I’m the Lionbane I have the blood of a lion, simple enough”

“How do you know I’m one of you? And how do I know you’re not all insane?” I asked

“Honey, your last name is Wolfbane. And tell me this, have you ever had to go to the hospital?” Hailey asked.

I had no idea what the hospital had to do with this but I answered anyway, “Once, I had to get stiches after falling off Alduin’s skateboard”

“See” Tony said triumphantly “most banes are born with immunity to major sicknesses along with resistance to magik, which is convenient because we don’t get blood tests done”

“You’ll know we aren’t completely insane when you meet Night Mare” Hailey said cheerily

“Oh, Night Mare” I said “sounds lovely”

Hailey nodded enthusiastically “I just know you’ll love her!”

“Ooookaaayyy…… So how did we all end up in New York together?”

“This is the twist,” Tony said “all banes are related to a wizard or magician or sorcerer of some kind, it’s were we get our resistance to magik”

“New York is a beehive of magical activity, so most wizards and so on feel the need to move here, usually bringing their bane relatives with them, not noticing that we’re banes until it’s too late” Nick said “Or we come here on our own if we can, that’s what I did”

“Why are we called Banes?” I asked deciding to go along with this crazy nonsense.

“Because we are the Bane of evil magik users!” Tony cheered.

“What do the evil magik users do that’s so evil?” I asked my five thousandth question.

“Let’s see” replied Nick “sorcerers use enchantments to bend people, animals, and elements to their will. Magicians summon demons to do their bidding which usually leads to people dying and the magician getting rich and famous (most rock stars and movie stars are magicians). Wizards use their magic to build empires, example Alexander the great.”

“There are also other branches of those, like warlocks and necromancers” Hailey said

She spun around and marched forward through another arch to our left, and I have no idea how to even begin describing the hidey-hole.

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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