chapter five

chapter five

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter  Five




The hidey-hole was huge! A large curved ceiling arched over our heads covering an octagonal room with wood boards separating eight sections. The sections were all double or triple the size of my bedroom, we were standing in the first section, besides the archway only some coat and shoe racks were in it.

The second section (to our right) had a bunch of maps hanging on the walls and a couple desks piled high with notebooks and paper. There was even an old laptop on one of the desks and a book shelf cramped with books that I could tell were all about magik.

The third section looked like an apartment; it had a little kitchen area and a table plus chairs. It also had some couches and a really old fashioned TV and an Xbox 360. There weren’t any boards separating the third and fourth areas. The fourth was filled with hilarious make-shift bunk beds (hammocks with mattresses stuffed in them).

Archery targets covered half of the walls of the fifth area and what wasn’t covered with targets, was covered with weapons. Every weapon you could imagine was hanging there, bows, crossbows, battleaxes, broadswords, short swords, daggers, but there were no guns I noticed.

The sixth section was a training room filled with dummies made of scrap wood and a jungle gym (scrap wood and scrap metal) hanging from the ceiling that looked like ninja heaven.

A makeshift forge filled the seventh area, it was obviously the work of amateurs, there was a brick fire pit filled with ash in the center and the walls were piled with bins of scrap metal, a couple air pumps, a hammer that should be used for construction instead of metal work and a pile of cinderblocks serving as a table.

The eighth section was boarded up all the way so I couldn’t see what was in it.

I felt like this place was trapped in a limbo between the medieval times and the twenty-first century. I decided that even if these guys were loony I would go along with it because this was every kid’s dream club house.

“Where did you guys find all this stuff?” I gasped

“There are allot more than just the three of us, more like fourteen all together, we all kind of… scavenge what we can for the hidey-hole” Tony said.

“Oh, so your thieves” I stated.

“It’s a small price that the people pay for us saving their hides on a daily basis” Hailey said cheerily.

“You still haven’t explained the car thing” I prompted.

“Oh, yeah. Non-magical adults, they have no imagination so when something crazy happens, they don’t believe it” Tony said

“Crazy like four kids jumping down a man-hole?” I said.

“Exactly, they don’t believe it so they don’t see it. That’s also one of our abilities as Banes; we can’t be hurt by someone that doesn’t see us” Nick said

“That’s why all the Banes are fifteen or younger” Hailey commented

It all seemed so far-fetched, but I had seen Tony get run straight through with a car without being hurt, and if this was a prank-the-new-girl thing, it was a very well-thought out and elaborate one.

“Let’s show Alexis the Night Mare” Tony said

Nick nodded “lead the way, Steedsbane”

“Steedsbane is my real last name” Hailey explained to me as she walked towards the eighth section.

She stopped in front of the door that looked allot like a barn door and flung it open dramatically.


© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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