chapter eight

chapter eight

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter  Eight




I woke up not sure of what day it was, I thought it might be Saturday but who doesn’t wake up hoping its Saturday?

Suddenly my little brother, Kevin flew into my room and crash landed on me.

No, he didn’t really fly, but man, that kid can run! He has the same last name as I do, Wolfbane, I wonder if he will be the Wolfbane if something happens to me.

“It’s Saturday!!!” he screamed, grabbing my cheeks with his peanut-butter covered hands and pulled on them making me look retarted.

Well now I know what day it is, I thought pushing him off.

Thought it was” I said sitting up.

Kevin grinned and liked his fingers happily.

“Have you been in the peanut butter again?” I asked playfully, he grinned in reply.

I leaped out of bed and tore my quilt off, rapping Kevin up in the process.

“Hey!” he squeaked as I flung the bundle over my shoulder.

I then proceeded to march out of my room with the quilt containing my little brother slung over my shoulder like a trash bag.

“Hmmphmmummbuhh” Kevin said to me as I trotted through our apartment.

I hauled him straight through our living room, where my step-dad looked up from his laptop and followed me silently with his eyes until I disappeared into the kitchen.

“Just taking out the trash, Da!” I called.

I then opened the little trash can with my foot and attempted to stuff my quilt inside it.

“That’s a nice trash bag you’ve got there” My step dad commented, trying not to laugh at our stupidity.

“Yep, I got it custom designed to contain the stench of peanut-butter stealing brothers.” I replied as Kevin untangled himself, knocking the trash can-which empty, luckily- over and climbed to his feet.

“I don’t like your custom designed trash bag” Kevin complained, “It smells like older sister who sleeps in her gym clothes”

“My pajamas make me look like a hobo, beside I washed my gym clothes, and they don’t stink half as bad as you do” I said wondering if my tight blue sweat pants and lose black shirt really did stink.

“Do your pajamas make you look like a hobo?” My step-dad asked


“We can get you some new pajamas…”

“Naw I’m fine in my smelly gym clothes” I said and turned back to Kevin “Now, where is the peanut-butter?”

Kevin grinned mischievously and pointed at the cabinet.

I walked over to it and pulled out two bananas and the half-empty peanut butter jar.

In the middle of me and Kevin covering our bananas with peanut butter my phone buzzed, and forgetting the project we both dived for it.

Kevin grabbed it first, crash landing on the couch. I sat on top of him and wrestled the phone away from him.

Letting out an indignant huff Kevin shoved me off the couch and sat by me on the floor.

“Who’s it from? Is it Allllddduuuuiiiiinnnn?” Kevin tried to look at the text over my shoulder.

I laughed and shook my head, “It’s from someone I don’t know…” I said studying the number.

“Alduin’s a strange name”Da commented.

“Tell me about it” I said opening the text.

“Hey Wolfbane! It’s Hailey! We’ve got a meeting today, get to the hidey hole as fast as you can, Nick is saying it’s really important, something about that Alduin kid you mentioned yesterday. See yaJ

“Actually, I do know who it is, Its Hailey wright, she goes to my school”

“So it’s not Alduin?” Kevin seemed genuinely depressed by this, he had been friends with Alduin too, which had actually been quite annoying, I don’t go bug his friends why should he bug mine?

“Are we doing anything today?” I asked my step-dad.

“Well, I don’t know I’ve got allot of work to get done but I can probably put it off a little longer if there’s something you wanted to go do” he answered squinting at his calendar.

“Actually, Hailey wanted me to go to Nick’s soccer game with her today” I made up

“Really? It’s awfully cold for a soccer game.”

“Well it’s not official, it’s just a bunch of kids making their own teams and having a tournament on the field”

“And the teachers are fine with that?”

I shrugged’ “It’s not like it’s the whole school, and the teachers can’t tell people they can’t use the track or the field and they bring their own ball” I reasoned more with myself than with my step-dad.

He smiled while shaking his head “that sounds just like something you would pull with your old friends”

“Yeah” I agreed, “I thinking about joining one of the teams after I scope out the competition”

My step-dad laughed, “Alright... just dress warmly and if anything weird happens call me right away, and be sure to have your phone with you”

“YES!” I very excitedly leaped to my feet and dashed back into my room to change clothes, throwing on old jeans, a long sleeved purple and white striped shirt and an old furry hoodie.

I pegged out a short replied to Hailey before dashing out the front door; Alright, on my way!

“Do you need a ride?” My step dad called as I headed for the door

“Naw, it’s actually faster to walk and schools not that far”

“Alright, be safe, love you” He said.

“Love you, da! Love you, Kevin!” I said ducking out the front door and hurrying past the elevator to the stairs which I ran down on full speed to the first floor.

Waving to random people in the lobby slowed me down a bit but once I was outside, I was gone.

I checked to make sure my phone was in my back pocket on the way.

The cold air made it harder to breathe so I stood in the school parking lot for a minute to catch my breath before jogging around the school and through the field that was covered in a layer of frost to the road the twisted behind the school.


© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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