To the jerk that wrote on my sisters car

To the jerk that wrote on my sisters car

A Poem by Dark Butterfly

To the jerk that wrote on my sister’s car

I do not care what you think

Chloe’ is the best

I’ll tell you why


Chloe’ is the smartest person I know

She’s an eleventh grade calculus student

She makes A’s, always has

I bet you don’t


Chloe’ is the most athletic person I know

She could beat you black and blue

 With a volley ball


She can run farther than anyone I know

Without getting tired

I bet you can’t

Chloe’ is the prettiest person I know

She can rock skinny jeans

And short shorts

And high heels

And the kind of tops some girls starve themselves to fit in

I bet you can’t


She looked drop-dead amazing

 In her prom dress last year

I bet you didn’t


Chloe is the nicest person I know

She’s got tons of friends who don’t know

How lucky they are to know her

And she is awesome with kids

I bet you aren’t


Chloe’ is most artistic person I know

When I first saw one of her latest artworks

I thought

Where’d she get a Picasso from?


Chloe’ is the greatest photographer I know

She could take a picture

Of an old t**d

With lots of flies

And mold

And it would be an amazing picture

I bet you couldn’t


Chloe’ such a good Christian girl

It’s contagious

She’s started a domino chain

Of getting her friends saved

I bet you haven’t


Chloe’ is the most patient person I know

Somehow she deals with all my oddities

And hasn’t gone insane


I bet you would’ve been in the loony bin by now


Chloe said to me once

That my opinion of her

Meant more to her

Than anyone else’s


It sucks that I’ve never told her

 Just how much she means to me

And how highly I think of her


Chloe’ is the best

And if you think differently

Than you can bite me


© 2012 Dark Butterfly

Author's Note

Dark Butterfly
im not calling yall a jerk or a dumbass or accusing you of writting "chloe isnt the best" on her car, i just wrote this to cheer her up, then desided to post it

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maybe she inadvertently took a picture of what she thought was a t**d with flies all over it and it turned out to be that person who wrote on her car? lovely tribute to chloe (by the way, i have always thought that the name "chloe" rocks!!!!!)

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is so sweet! :) 100/100

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is so sweet heehee!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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if you are her brother, you are the best brother EVER!
If you are her sister you are the best sister EVER!

This poem ROCKs and if I were your sister I would frame it and put it on the wall.

This is the best example of what a poem can do for some one I have seen. The love for your sister shines through. Everyone should be so lucky to have a sibling like you. I love the contrast between the love for your sister and the seething anger and disgust that you display for this person who did not take the time to learn who your sister really is.

This is a truly great write.

I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.


Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

thank you so much!
Wow........this one's cool! Your sister must have certainly cheered up! Awesome poem!!!!!:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

This poem is adorable and made me laugh :) I'm really glad you let her read this. If I was your sister, this would make me so extremely happy :) And the photographer stanza, and last stanza made me laugh the most. I'm sorry about her car though. Even if it inspired such an amazing poem :) Keep writing ~Tunder~ 100/100

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

yes, i am glad you shared this with her...had to make her feel good.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago


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