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A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

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Halo pressed his heel down into the wide floor tile; it lit up with a silvery light as the field’s artificial gravity was tampered with. Halo sat down in midair over the glowing tile, next to him Lelo, Lalo’s younger sister, was bouncing with excitement, in mid-air.

Her wavy light blue hair swished around her shoulders and her light blue eyes sparkled. Her white wedge heeled tennis shoe-boots laced all the way passed her knees where her lose white and light blue striped pants made of a silky material barely eclipsed the rim of her tennis shoe-boots. A black shirt made of the same material came all the way up to her sharp pixie-like chin.

“It’s going to be me this year, I just know it!” Lelo whispered to him, her light-blue tinted lips breaking into a wide grin. Lelo was twelve trils, three younger than Halo who was fifteen. Halo was dressed similarly but with bright orange as his chosen color for everything; his big eyes, messy hair that never cooperated, and the splotches of color on his pants.

“You want to get picked?” Halo asked skeptically and glanced about the vast room.

The field was the huge facility that Aregeonans ages three to eighteen-known as fielders- lived and trained for no particular reason that they knew of, they were told that their parents dumped them there but that didn’t add up: there were too many of them.

They were in the field meeting house, where every once in a while one of the officials thought they had something important to say, or on a day like this; every year or in other words three times a tril, Official Hadean would chose the group of fielders to play in the Elo game-which all the younger kids thought to be a great honor but the older kids just saw it as a dumb video game because Victor Elo never seemed happy with the tests results and sent the group back to the field. This day of choosing was called the revealing day, because Elo stated that it revealed those with enough courage to play the Elo game.

The walls and floor were made up of the big metal tiles that change the gravity around them when activated. The whole field was set on a grid of artificial gravity because of Aregeon’s lack of it.

The room was big enough for nearly a thousand fielders sitting a tile apart, but they usually ignored the fussing’s of their officials and sat closer or farther from each other in clumps. The room was almost completely filled up with fielders with faces, hair, and eyes genetically-altered to be flawless yet interesting and unique from everyone else.

“Because, I would win” Lelo answered promptly, stopping her bouncing for a moment.

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

Author's Note

Dark Butterfly
one chapter for each day, so the chapters are HUGE so im splitting them into several parts because Elo has tons of info thats to much to take in at one time without becoming confused. i confuse myself with it

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you have a very vivid and creative imagination. it serves you well in your writing. i shall be keeping an eye on your entries onto w/c....good work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

You should try to free write on Elo. Then through the mass tons of information take what you want. Free writing is a very good excerise to get a lot of stuff on paper and help you skim through it all. Anyways, like I said on my previous review of your other chapter, please write more.

Posted 8 Years Ago

totally awesome! love your characters! keep up the good work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

thanks so much! it really means allot to me!
beautiful dreamer

8 Years Ago

it's no problem :) i love reading other peoples work :)

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Dark Butterfly
Dark Butterfly

home sweet home, SC

Im thirteen, ive been writing since i can remember but ive just recently gotten verry serious about my novels. I can be a really fun person to be around or a verry quiet, serious person. I work best b.. more..


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