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A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

As the last of the fielders aged ten to eighteen sat down the light orbs dimmed until you could barely see the hand you waved in front of your face.

Brighter lights on the ceiling at the front of the room turned on casting a silvery spotlight illuminating a raised plat form.

A tall wiry figure stepped onto a tile that rose off the ground up to the platform. The figure stepped onto the platform and turned to address the crowd.

“Attention, attention please!” chimed a woman official from the back of the room.

“Thank you, Official Rahlo” The figure said in an old tired voice, clearing his throat, “Hello, it’s good to speak to you again, loyal fielders of Aregeon"

All of the fielders went quiet; Lelo seemed to start bouncing again, faster that she had before.

“As you know, it is time once again to choose the seven fielders to compete in the Elo games” He began, “today is special though”

Halo rolled his eyes, on the last day of each year players in the next year’s games would be chosen. At the third year the next year would be in a new tril, and for that reason Official Hadean always said it was special.

“Because tomorrow does not only start a new year, but a brand new tril!” Official Hadean said enthusiastically, but received no response from the fielders, “and we will be selecting the players differently this year”

This bit of news won a spark of interest, especially with Lelo who just might have forgotten to breathe.

“This is partially because Victor Elo has not been happy with the results of the past twelve trils the game has been played” Official Hadean informed them, This was old news though, Victor Elo gave a speech about how they needed to study and train harder every year.

Hadean swept his weary gray eyes over the crowed of fielders, as if he wanted to build suspense. He reached back and brushed frosty gray hair out of his eyes before continuing. “This time, the players for next year will choose their own team”

Usually seven fielders were chosen at random. A few excited or interested whispers rippled around the younger fielders.

“First we need a volunteer” Official Hadean said, causing tons of hands to shoot up, “and for that, I’d like to introduce Victor Elo himself!”

The room went quiet in shock; Elo never left his home in the other city. Hadean took a few steps back as another man rose up to the platform on a tile. He was surprisingly short; most fielders imagined him as a big brave hero. Dressed in all black, his face was shadowed by the brim of his hat.

“Hello fielders” his voice was surprisingly smooth considering how old he was having lived through world war four, world war five, and coming out alive as Victor Elo, emperor of all.

“It appears Official hadean has you all worked up, hmm?” Elo joked, receiving silence. He continued, ignoring the insolent children “The first volunteers will not be volunteering, they will be selected based on performance”

The fielders had two main points of study; Academics and Athletics. In each they receive an overall average of all their grades, and then the averages are put into a list, in which one is the best.

“We have combined your academics and athletics to make a list of overall performance,” Victor Elo said pulling a slip of paper from his breast pocket. “The two highest overall are…… Lalo Eight and Halo Seven”

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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Powerful imagery!

Posted 8 Years Ago

as "X" says, you have one heck of an imagination. very good.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

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Great detail and creativity. I love the imagination and imagery. Keep going with this, your writing seems very inspired!


Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

thanks so much!

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Dark Butterfly

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