A Poem by Caleb Benton

China built a Great One to secure the border

In hopes of creating a lasting order


Hadrian too, though one would suffice

Yet it is nothing the more than a simple device


To keep some in, and to keep some out

But, there's always an alternate route


To get to where one wants to go,

and as those in Berlin well know,


That this dividing tool that try and use

Is nothing more than a way to refuse


rights and freedoms, that are naturally ours,

but please dont fret, for we have the power


together, we can tear down these walls.

let them plummet, and let them fall!


No longer will we be oppressed

Now we will stand and boldly protest


protest all life's barriers and all life's boundaries

and those who created them are worse than fleas


They are nothing more than parasites

Now is our time, tonight is our night!


No longer shall we stand idly by

as our brothers are sent to die


in wars that "secure our peace"

Why must we be world police?


We're sick of governments seeking their own ends

when we the people only want to make amends


Have we as a nation not created our own wall?

For we as a nation have done more to appall

The rest of the world, count them all.

They resent us. They want us to fall

because government doesn't care at all

about any, on that side of the wall

that has been created simply to stall

the realization that America is not at all

What one would be able to truly call


A place of liberty or a place of justice

justice here doesnt really exist.


Only for those classified "American"

our freedom should extend to everyman


It's time to tear down the walls of prejudice

let them tumble down into an abyss

Once they are gone we can reminisce


For there are few time throughout history

That people create their own meaning of free


It is time that we co-exist

Stand with me, raise your fist

and you'll have tried to resist


Those who have control, those who will fall

Will you come with me, will you stand tall

Or, are you simply another brick in the wall?






© 2009 Caleb Benton

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This was a very well written piece, I enjoyed reading it so much and thought it was (like butterflymom said) a beautifully written peice

Posted 11 Years Ago

Brillant! This was a very well done piece, and beautifully expressed.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 26, 2009
Last Updated on January 27, 2009


Caleb Benton
Caleb Benton

Lubbock, TX

Ok, I tried the invisible bio thing and it wasn't very popular, so here it goes. I write only when inspiration strikes, which unfortunately is not too often. I'm 20 and from the flattest part of Te.. more..