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Off the Edge

Off the Edge

A Story by Carissa Marie

"You were standing too close to the edge of the roof, so I jumped in advanced to catch you just in case you fall," I narrated my dream as he moves sleepily beside me, half awake, with his eyes still closed. 

I give him a few minutes to process what I had just said. Meanwhile, I stare at his morning face. He looks just as glorious as he was last night. "So beautiful," I thought to myself. 

He starts to open his eyes, and his pretty hazel eyes found my ordinary brown ones. 

"Why did you do that? You didn't have to" he says after a few seconds of eye-locking.

"You would have fallen, and I didn't think you should," I told him, now leaning in for kiss. I don't think you will, I thought, as our lips tenderly touch, significantly different from the passionate kisses we had last night. 

"Didn't it hurt?" he asks, immediately breaking our contact. 

"The fall? No it didn't. Though I remember feeling afraid, of not falling fast enough to catch you." I answer.

He was lost in thought, taking in my subtle confession. A few more minutes of silence, and a couple of deep breaths, and he finally speaks, 

"So what happened next? Did I fall?" he asks. 

I look deep into his eyes, and seeing the fear and anxiety behind, I answered with a smile. 

"No you didn't. It was just me,"

He lets out a sigh, as his face relaxes and then gives me a dazzling smile and another kiss. 

"It was just me," I say, remembering the same dazzling smile he gave just as he fell of the roof safely into my arms.

© 2017 Carissa Marie

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Added on February 5, 2017
Last Updated on February 5, 2017


Carissa Marie
Carissa Marie

21. Female. AB Journalism. Philippines. :) Introvert. Weird. Over-thinker. Music lover. Bookworm. Frustrated Artist. Writing is my therapy. "Let my words be your own form of immortality" .. more..