Life And How It Can Go Down (Part2)

Life And How It Can Go Down (Part2)

A Poem by Callum Mcleavy

Part 2....

I hope in time that i can find a girl who i can call my baby,
Recently they've messed with me and that's why ive been fucked up lately,
F**K the b*****s, f**k the girls,
I don't need s**t like that in my world,
Just music, I loose it, When i use it, Whilst making new s**t,
Its exclusive, No excuses, Will ever stop me to do this,
Ill scratch and claw my way through this,
F**k the cuts and bruises,

5.0 Always hunting me,
My so called mates are C*NTS to me,
Family got no love for me,
SO YEAH..I got no company,
All though all the girls just run to me,
They are all just fun to me,
Selling tracks for some pennies,
Because nothing this good comes for free,
People spreading rumours, As soon as,
i leave the area,
You claim your mates,
Your just a waste,
Now see why i dont care for ya,
I've met some b******s in the past but knowone else compares to ya,
I guess thats the f*****g thanks i get for always being there for ya,
You think that im scared of ya,
Your threats just get deflected,
I'd like to f*****g see you b***h security protected,
Ill never be affected,
Im sick just call me septic,
Im autistickly out of choise i wont correct it,
I dont trust anybody,
Probably cuz they are not worthy,
When i ask for a favour back they always tend to swurve me,
Or they try and murk me,
If nothing, Just deserve me,
But no matter how many tries you guys will never hurt me,
My mind is just unthinkable,
My pride is just undrinkable,
If you dont understand a song in hand TUF.. Because there is no interval,
I will just keep this simple,
To haters in invincible,
I can't be hurt by any of you fuckers its just a matter of principle,

© 2013 Callum Mcleavy

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Added on January 18, 2013
Last Updated on January 18, 2013
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Callum Mcleavy
Callum Mcleavy

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I really hope you will all like my lyrics, Some of them maybe be rude but its only words. more..