Mastermind Rhymer!

Mastermind Rhymer!

A Story by Callum Mcleavy

This isn't offensive in any way so please feel free to read and tell me how i can improve or just tell me that you like it

I'm always bar spitting,
Always MC killing,
I make cash of tacks so i can relax and make a living,
Not saying i make a killing,
But enough to keep me grinnging,
Don't mean to pose and you never come close in the begging,
Check me always winnin,
In every beef track that i've been in,
Haters will say i'm bull shitting,
But i don't listen to their opinion,
Already established by dominians,
Weather it's spitting bars or singing,
Read the lyrics that i'm bringing,
There so sick that's how i kill my victims,
They step up to me,
Say your prayers if you f**k with me,
You know i'm the one who you'd love to be,
That's why these guys look up to me,
Police, Put me in custody,
Because my bars kick up a fuss you see,
It seems to me, That there are p*****s who don't like to see freedom of speech,
But, I'm still the mastermind rhymer,
Still killing MC's with one liners,
Say you can beat me, your just a lier,
Nottingham's finest, they call me misier,
To be admired is my desire,
Ill never quit because i am a trier,
I say what i want ill never stay quiet,
I own this game until i retire!

© 2013 Callum Mcleavy

Author's Note

Callum Mcleavy
Yeah, I do rap... If you would like to see some of my material, drop me an imbox! cheers

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I think this mainly suffers from lack of meter. You're trying to put too much into a line at times. Rapping can be heard, at times words go by too fast for the listener to take in, especially if it's buried under the music but the beat sets up the tempo and we can hear it. Poetry is different. It's a song for the eyes. Some poems are free verse but this to me is a rap. I could be wrong.

But enough to keep me grinnging, (Do you mean grinning?)

I can see all the landmarks of rap in this--the competition mentality and the cursing are predictable. (To me) I think you have a lot to say that's interesting but it's a little hard to read with no order. You asked so I told you. You can delete this if you don't like it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on January 29, 2013
Last Updated on January 29, 2013
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Callum Mcleavy
Callum Mcleavy

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I really hope you will all like my lyrics, Some of them maybe be rude but its only words. more..