Ended It!

Ended It!

A Story by Callum Mcleavy

A few rhymes put together to create damage.

I smoke these bars just like chronic,
My fans know that i'm on it,
I watch these rappers crash and burn like f*****g bad electronics,
I hypnotize like agnostic,
I specialize in autopsy's,
No time to think or speak cos you know i'm spitting the logic,
I feel harmonic,
Since i was just embryonic,
My name is Mcleavy which is hardly ironic,
You said to me i'm ultrasonic,
My lyrics are so narcotic,
If i have track and drop it,
Haters know that its chaotic,
I'll never stop it,
Cos my toxic's infected,
Hopefully kill the MC's who f*****g say bredwin,
You ain't gangster's.
So stop acting like wankers,
If i was your parents i would deffo have some coat hangers,
I'm f*****g sick of ya,
My plan is to get rid of ya,
Cos all of you idiots,
Just linger here like chlamydia,

© 2013 Callum Mcleavy

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Added on March 24, 2013
Last Updated on March 24, 2013
Tags: HATE, Dark, Life, Sad, adventure, death, depression, fantasy, fiction, heart, horror, love, magic, mystery, pain, poem, poetry, romance, story, teen, lyrics, mum, dad, cry, evil


Callum Mcleavy
Callum Mcleavy

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I really hope you will all like my lyrics, Some of them maybe be rude but its only words. more..