I'm back in top form.

I'm back in top form.

A Story by Callum Mcleavy

I really am back in top form. hahaha...

The average day consists of me,
Getting up early to write MC's,
I'm Mc Leavy and i think you know this,
Every other rapper is just below this,
They don't seem focused,
Like an old man homeless,
I'm full of skill,
And Nottingham's full of Polish,
It's part of the process,
Meet me in protest,
When i write rhymes i'm as bright as a brand new Rolex,
I don't know yet but soon i'll see,
If i make it to the top and MTV,
So stop telling me my rhymes are lame,
Your the reason i'm here so take the blame,

I remember back in the day,
Before i moved from Spain,
People heard my lyrics and they would say their "Shame",
But now the times have changed,
And the girls wanna follow me,
I'm so fully blown the b*****s even swallow me,
Now i'm better my views are gaining more figures,
I'm evil like giving Chucky safety scissors,
I wont get these b*****s in a twist,
Cos i write it like this,
I like distinctive words just like Saville likes kids,
And Glitter liked to the birds who was hardly teens,
Also dating them because it's in his genes,
But it's OK now he's out the country,
Who's next in line to be child hungry,

I wear hats no tops and drink larger,
Cos it makes me look gangster and harder,
You always know me if i was past ya,
Cos i cause slippy fannies and laughter,
Mc Leavy do you have a job?
Yeah i do i'm a full time SHAGGER you nob,
Now get out the way cos the birds ill end them,
I prefer clitoris rather than Sony Play Station,
Now i hope that tells them something cos there sad,
With comments like "PS Vita Owns Ya F*g",
See turning girls on is how i get my kicks,
It makes me happier than a f*g with a bag full of dicks,
I ain't gay i use protection when your mother blows me,
After all it's better to be safe than SONY,

© 2013 Callum Mcleavy

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Added on April 15, 2013
Last Updated on April 15, 2013
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Callum Mcleavy
Callum Mcleavy

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I really hope you will all like my lyrics, Some of them maybe be rude but its only words. more..