A Poem by Cammie

Oh yes, you are gifted. You have Creativity


It has been concluded that artists

Are a different kind of people,

The writers, painters, and musicians

Set apart and viewed by others

With something much like jealousy

Mingled with their grudging praise

They will console themselves,

"Oh yes, you are gifted. You have creativity."

But these born creators

Are not the possessors in this,

As they have truly been chosen

By Creativity


See, the people thus chosen,

Glow with a certain kind of brightness

And the muses can sense it, and come

Creativity slips in unnoticed when

One isn’t looking,

Trailing the characters of stories untold

And words unwritten,

Like lost puppies a little girl begs to keep,

Or whispering soft melodies that linger

On the edge of one’s perception

Not quite tangible,

Yet unwilling to dissipate


Creativity brings dreams with the moonlight,

When you hover somewhere on the edge of sleep

Will slip in under the crack under your door

And chase themselves around like shadows

On your walls

Racing through the trail of your thoughts

Until you cannot help but follow them therin

As they become ever more frantic

And so you rise to let them use you

Until the early hours of the morning

When the dreams become paint, and word,

And a lonely serenade to the stars


Still, Creativity is not one who comes

Upon the call of even those she likes,

But rather one to come as she pleases

Coaxing mind out of body to lead it

Tearing through the clouds;

Through time; through space

And showing you the world

Through something like a haze

Of fairy dust

And yet ever capricious,

Resolving to wander only a back trail

Among your thoughts, if too sought-out


Hence is the life of the dreamers: artists;

Used and rejected, blessed and

Not so different from the rest, after all,

But for their mistress;

They could, of course, push her away

But even shutting them away, one may ever

Bear the unsettling presence

Of the dreams kept in the far corners

Of their mind

So for those who keep to their nature,

Flighty, insomniac as they may be,

Judge them not too harshly

© 2012 Cammie

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Added on September 7, 2012
Last Updated on September 7, 2012
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Dover, DE

Creativity Creativity

A Story by Cammie

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