Adagio: Chapter 1, Awake

Adagio: Chapter 1, Awake

A Chapter by Jason Knight

How can you define life? Is it just the strands of memories interlacing the essence of the emotional beings known as humans?


“Wake up…” I said pointlessly as the boy got up from his light sleep with no grace whatsoever, his rise was like that of a mechanical device, there was no emotion, only instinct. He let his hand touch the snooze button lightly on his alarm, in the same manner that cats and lions play with their prey. I still could not help but wonder why did he ever need the alarm to steal him from his dreams, he had no such need for it, he was always so aware. In a complex way, he could wake up just by the soft sound of his name and instantly know everything that was said after and before his name was pronounced. He folded his sheets and leaped off the bed in a way that was so contrasting to someone who had just been asleep. I didn’t have to follow him in order to know where he was going. “Morning to you too…” I said sarcastically as he left the room and I couldn’t help but see his orange aura again. I could also tell he was annoyed again, an easy emotion for him lately. I took a careless peak into his thoughts, which were now readable now that he had left the pity-stricken state of a broken heart. He was thinking up his morning routine: “Shower, brush my teeth, and floss…” His train of thought drifted out for a second and refocused pretty quickly, “Feed the dogs and get to school at 8am sharp.” It was a short span of time, but I saw where had his thoughts drifted out to in that moment of confusion, and I wasn’t very surprised at where it went. “Laws of attraction, such benign principals.”  Anybody who heard this would have no clue as to where to start to decipher the way this boy thought, but I knew better. I knew the story behind Jason Freyne Knight, a name that he abhorred.

Although I had no need to follow him, I still did, and I wasn’t the least bit affected when I found him checking himself out in the bathroom mirror. His face twisted in indifference as he spotted the changes in appearance the hormonal imbalance of teenage had to offer. He sighed and closed the bathroom door, and followed this action by turning on the shower knobs into the familiar configurations of ideal temperature. He stepped back and took off his shirt, revealing a proportioned chest and neatly stacked abdominals, the benefits of last summer’s hard but delightful work. He proceeded to take off the rest of his garments and sat down on the counter space offered by the sink, lightly flinching the moment his stripped body made contact with the morning-cold counter. He slowly traced his index finger up the length of his knee and let it rest on his mid-thigh, letting it resting in circles on his tan skin. I could see the vacancy in his face and instantly registered the numbness he felt towards his surroundings. He was lost in thought. I saw the first string of thought embrace me and I was instantly caught in his flashback.

“Jason? What is “Hero Syndrome?” said the girl in a way that I couldn’t decipher the true curiosity behind the question.

I thought this for one second and replied absently. “Basically if you’re the one people turn to for anything and you like it being that way. People feel a strange attraction towards you and for some reason they feel that you can be trusted with anything”

“Who.....?” she replied in another unreadable phase.

“Don't think anything of it, I'm just clearing my head out.” I replied almost too quickly.

And then she was gone. In that single instance, she vanished. “No,” I said. “Please not again, don’t leave!" A tear rushed down my face and I woke up. Jason was shaking. He instantly recovered himself and entered the shower. I couldn’t face his thoughts any longer. His secrets were those that no other should bare. I couldn’t tell apart his tears from the water rushing on his face. He had such an image about him. He was despised for it. He was loved for it. There was rarely an in between.

“Day 5983” he said softly. His eyes flared a spark of hate. It was so quick and deliberate, and then it vanished.

© 2010 Jason Knight

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Jason Knight

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I like this story. A very good beginning to the story. I like the discussion and the characters. I look forward to reading more. Sent read request if you desire. I would be honor to read your story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I loved it. And the song has completed the affect of your story. Great job:)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight

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I am art. I am alive. I am everything you dream of. I am part of all your nightmares. I am love, and I am hate. I choose life over death. I am you, I am me. more..


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