Society's Fallen

Society's Fallen

A Poem by Ama May Cooper

What about those that got lost?
Forgotten, or misguided?
those stuck in the trap of the system.

Promised that things would work,
Lied to, pulled along,
Skipping unaware on fabricated lies.

What about those society gave up on?
Left to die, alone with no one to comfort them,
Screaming plea's to a non-existent justice.

Trodden soldier's who lost their causes,
Whose voices turned to silence on the wind,
Shunned to the sidelines by a decrepid hypocrisy.

What of those we left behind?
Scraping at the leftover morsels,
Like wild vultures on the open plains. 

Idly watching rotten corpses stagger through life
Helplessly ignorant children spoon fed commercialism's lies
With thick and tangled wool yanked over there eyes

What about those we merely forgot?
Misplaced people vanished of the radar
faded into crinkled old papers

Ghosts that never quite left there mark
Faded transcripts lost in the air ways
A city condemned to unrelenting corruption

© 2013 Ama May Cooper

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In America they call those people voters and every election politicians make a big deal out of them and as soon as they're elected go right back to ignoring them because if the government actually tried to help them it would be a socialist conspericy

Posted 8 Years Ago

Ama May Cooper

8 Years Ago

See here in london i dont even think they pretend their important lol

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Added on February 1, 2013
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Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper

London, south west, United Kingdom

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