To long for the explosion

To long for the explosion

A Poem by Ama May Cooper

I fell in love with the danger the thrill and uncertainty,
Seeking to stumble blindly in the dark,
Energised by the fear as it surged through my veins.

I fell in love with the chance to die, 
Dancing on the very cusp of fragile existence,
One hand clutched to the grim reapers side.

The chance to burst into furious flames,
To be nothing but energy and beautiful cinders,
Free for the rest of eternity.

Oh I was hopelessly in love with the very cruelty of the situation,
The difficulties placed between my honest affections,
The very hurdles I prayed remain for security.

I cannot love another being you must understand me,
I cannot love what I cannot depend on,
I cannot love something that changes with the wind,
That grows old and bitter and cold.

 Im in love with the roar of the elements the gentle caress of the wind,
I hear voices in the echoing stillness of the ocean,
I am a wild thing living in a mortal cage.

How could the predictable betrayal compare?
How could the mental slavery ever hope to compensate?
 For this explosive love I dreamt of

Can you cradle me in the endless darkness, 
Tame my impatient heart and soothe past wounds you did not cause?
 Can you keep up, hold my hand as I take us all a million miles away.

 I need the freedom of the very atmosphere
 Could you hold me tightly and swear i was your whole world 
Only to let me spread my wings and fly away

Would you share in the starlit adventure,
 throw your cares to the bottom of the ocean,
 and venture through dimensions by my side? 

How could you possibly understand the frustration,
 There is no acceptance of empty affections I cannot believe your attentive confessions
your expression of this human love.

Lies past still ring fresh in these weary ears
Sweet nothings thrown to the dogs
Disregarded, dead and meaningless

Doubtless I was stronger alone.

© 2014 Ama May Cooper

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dont let doubt in theres no room for it, dimmensions-realitys-timelines, take thi hand and explore as one through the darkest deepest dephs, words cant begin to explain what i have felt inside in the last month, i make mistakes but this day i become more then a man i become ready, i become grounded, i purpose we turn into something beautiful together and not spend my precious breaths again second guessing myself.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like it, straight from the heart

Posted 6 Years Ago

Interesting write that flows well and reads well

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper

London, south west, United Kingdom

Name: Ama may cooper Current age(when joined):16 Sex: female Age now: 27 I am merely a being, treading softly on these foreign lands. I am no great individual, no wise king or beautiful temptres.. more..

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