Multiple personlity disagreement

Multiple personlity disagreement

A Poem by Ama May Cooper

My three personalitys in a tender argument none grasp who is who


Constantly i second guess

constantly i question

never do i kno

never can i kno

for you are me and i am me

and we all think so differently

Her heart is made of stone

emotion is no longer present

reaching for a goal

tearing thru opponents

there is no sympathy

and you , you are born a leader

you stand before your troops and watch them bow

you follow commands like a robot

you show tender love for those beneith you but never for yourself

and here i lay amongst you two

a shadow of your games

i lack you cocky confidence

and do not play so harshly

with peoples tender being

We lay together all in one

and yet we are none alike

a constant battle to say no

to say yes

to say hello

but who do i follow

who do i let lead

you are both much stronger than me

i spend my time amoungst the clouds dreaming

fading into shadows

shadows of my personlity

I am me, but you are me

and never will this argument end

beause to argue with ones mind

is to play along to your ideas

but your ideas are my ideas

cause you are two and i am one

alone amongst my own head

ill let you both storm on

destroy the world

destroy each other

for i am me, and you are another

and she is also someone different

all inside one being.


© 2009 Ama May Cooper

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I agree with what Taylor H. said about making it better by showing when the other two speak with using different colors. Other than that though this is a very unique poem. Great job.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Your really good at being crazy lol. I think you could make this poem better if you made the other 2 people speak during it as well. Like change the color of the stanza for the different people talking. But its still good. and I agree with Twilight (again) lol

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was various spelling errors, but I know that writer has a problem in this regard (so we should take that into account when reviewing her writing). Well, the conflicting aspects of the protagonist's personaility are made clear, but I doubt that this is so unusual as the writer seems to think.

To a large degree, this reads like an ongoing argument which reflects quite a lot of self-doubt (on the part of the protagonist). The concept of a multiple personailty, is not really quite relevant to the conflicting ideas, as they are expressed in this piece. Furthermore, changining emotions can often account for varyting forms of behaviour. For example, the protagonist is "cocky" at times, yet often quite the opposite. That is perfectly acceptable, in terms of being part of a person's single personality. It is the individual characteristics of our personalities which are multiple, but not the personality itself.

Thankyou for sharing this with your fellow Group members, Cappi! It's a nice piece of self-expression, and an honest insight into your unique personality.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Apart from the SPAG errors, I cant fault this work. I love the conflicting lines, the flow, its all good!
Keep writing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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