The invisible man

The invisible man

A Poem by Ama May Cooper

To be overlooked, and unobserved whereever you painful.. to have your work given no credit to yourself but to everyone else. ..The invisible man who never gets what he deserves and watches many make a livng of his work.. who walks wth no friends no


I awake from a slumber of gentle dreams

Dreams more comferting than this silent reality

roll over, into empty space where no body has ever lain

and turn off an alarm that only i can hear


I walk down my stairs and get dressed

my footsteps leave no creaks upon the steps

my hands make no sound as they brush along the walls

i unlock the door with not a murmer, there is no slam


I walk down the street

my head toward the floor

swerving in and out of people charging at me

smacked by bags and bardged by people like i dont exist


And to work i go

i watch others greeted , hugged, but i recive no welcome

lonely as i walk the halls to the meeting room

lonely as i step inside


And there i sit in a room filled with people

offering ideas that noone hears

but everyone will mention at some point

but they wont say they heard it from me


I shout i scream but it is like i have said nothing

so i say nothing, i become nothing for i feel like nothing

and my ideas gain credit elsewhere

and when the day is over i walk home alone


The streets still full but i am unnoticed

and slowly i begin to fade

for i am nothing

just a man

Just the invisible man


© 2009 Ama May Cooper

Author's Note

Ama May Cooper
I kno its kinda dull, and not to great.. but i wrote and thought whatever put it up

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Perhaps, you are too modest, Cappi? Well, your meanings in this poem are clear. I have heard of some similar views in the past, but that simply supports the truth of what the writer is trying to express in her poem.

As a poem, it could flow more smoothly. Also, there are no particularly unusual or interesting words. There is a proper structure to this poem, of four lines per verse (except in the final one). The writer has repeated certain words for emphasis, such as "lonely" and "nothing". Indeed, it is a sad poem. Almost as if the protagonist feels worthless, or neglected by society? And, the result of this? She feels "invisible". Thankyou, for sharing this with your fellow Group members!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 31, 2009
Last Updated on June 25, 2009


Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper

London, south west, United Kingdom

Name: Ama may cooper Current age(when joined):16 Sex: female Age now: 27 I am merely a being, treading softly on these foreign lands. I am no great individual, no wise king or beautiful temptres.. more..

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