Teen Prostitute's Blues

Teen Prostitute's Blues

A Poem by Sunny

For Tara and Fynlie... I love you both dearly


I am more than you think

I'm not stupid, I'm not a junkie

I'm seventeen years old and I know the blues

my mom was an addict, my dad was god knows who

these are the words of a teen prostitute's blues


met a guy as sweet as can be

when I was the tender age of 13

twirled me around, admiring my body

before I knew it I was hitting the streets

these are the words of a teen prostitute's blues


like my mother before me and her mom before her

I lay with men old enough to be my father

for money I never see

for a man that hurts me

these are the words of a teen prostitute's blues


five abortions, raped more times than I can count

every time I sleep I dream of getting out

going back to school

reaching beyond the stars, achieving dreams that seem out of reach

these are the words of a teen prostitute's blues


you probably think I should run away

but last time I did that it cost me three days

in the hospital, I was unconscious for two of them

these are the words of a teen prostitute's blues


I ask you to please do what wasn't done for me

hold your daughters, never let them go

teach them that their bodies is sacred, that no man just deserves it

that he must work for it

teach them that  love can't be bought

give them all what i never had

give them hope, faith, the power to dream and reach the brightest of stars

cause I'm now eighteen years old still singing a teen prostitute's blues

stuck in an endless cycle where most times you lose

© 2010 Sunny

Author's Note

this is very close to my heart cause I know two girls in this vicious cycle.

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I am lost for words. I cant explain how it has touched me

Posted 12 Years Ago

Sad but true for some who end up in this tragic plight, Very powerful message here. Excellent write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow. love the flow, love this piece

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 13, 2010
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