They Call Me Becca

They Call Me Becca

A Chapter by crazy4volleyball

This Chpt is mainly about Becca's past, her future, and her thoughts.


They call me Becca

They had always called me Bec, Beccy or Rudy in Harlem. Harlem. The place full of the memories and the sadness. I had lived there back when I was small. I moved into Trudy's house at the age of 7. I had lived in Harlem for 7 years. I had seen horrible things back then, some that I would rather not talk about. In Harlem, I lived with Jacob and Lynna, my birth parents. Jacob hated me, I hated him. Lynna loved me, I loved her. Yes, I did call them by their first names. Jacob is dead. He was murdered in 2005, when I was 5. I was happy and wore yellow to his funeral. But now I live with Trudy and Will, my foster parents. Ialso live with 5 other foster kids, Connor, Cole, Chloe, Jack, and Vanessa. Connor is amazing. We have known each other for 5 years, he was here before I was. Connor is sweet, and caring. Everyday, he takes me somewhere to see the sunset. Everyday it is a different place. Connor is 16, one year older than me, and he is also my... well, that is not important right now. Anyways, Cole is not a foster kid, he's Trudy's son. Cole is okay. It just seems as if he is bi-polar. Always changing mood. It is really annoying. Chloe is really nice. She always thinks of other people, and I think she is 15 or 14. She used to live in Montana, then moved to Florida, and got taken out of her home because her parents didn't want her and she had no relatives. Actually, we saw her parents in the mall 2 days ago. It was really awkward. Anyways, Jack has always lived in Florida. Jack and I are really close. He gives out advice. I do not really know what his story is. Lastly, is Vanessa. She is the worst person I have met here. She is stuck up and mean. She is also the youngest at only 9 years old. I really hate that girl. Ugh.

"Becca!" Connor jogged towards me startling me. I screeched and fell onto my bed. He chuckled and helped me up. I punched him in the shoulder. "Brat" I teased. He rolled his eyes and continued. "There is a carnival across the street, and Will is at work, and Trudy won't be home until 9, so I was thinking we could go." I looked up at him a bit surprised. "Are you sure Connor? We could get grounded for years!" He smiled and said, "Trust me" I sighed. "Alright fine!" I said pretending to be mad. He grabbed my hand and we ran out the door until we reached the carnival. A man approached us holding different types of tickets. "Forty bucks for you and the girl" the man said. I looked a bit surprised. "Connor I need to go and get wallet" He grabbed me as I started to leave. "Relax, I got it" he said. I smiled and took a deep breath. He handed the man the money and the man strapped colored bracelets to our wrist. "This is the unlimited, you can go on any rides, as much as you want." he said. Connor and I walked around before deciding which ride to go on. He finally chose one. "What about this one he asked?" I gulped. I looked up and an enormus ride that would bring you up hundreds of feet, then drop you really fast. I sighed. "Okay" I spit out a bit nervous. A man strapped us in our seats. Then he pulled a huge lever and pressed some buttons. "Oh my god oh my god, oh my god" I said as I held Connor's arm in a death grip. We were almost at the top. "It's okay Becca, I'm right here" Connor replied. I took a deep breath, and just as I started to get relaxed.... "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" We were dropping!!! I screamed and Connor laughed. BAM!!! The ride jolted to a stop. "Why did you do that to me?!!" I screamed at Connor. He gave me a hug. "You're okay" he said. I sighed. "I hate you!" I said teasingly. "I love you" he replied being a kiss-up. I gave him the evil eye. He put his hands up. Connor looked at his watch. "We have 2 more hours until we need to go" he said. Connor bought me cotton candy, and took me on 3 more rides, then we walked around until it was 8:50. He lead me back to the house. As we were walking back, I said "Connor, we never did get to see the sunset." He chuckled and replied, "I will make up for it tommorow."

I slipped in my bedroom door, Connor following me. "Becca" he said. I looked up at him. "Do you like it here?" I hesitated before I answered. "Honestly, no." I replied. He grinned. "Good"I shot him a questioning look. "Becca, I'm leaving, I am running away...I would like you to come with me." He said confidently. My eyes popped out of my head. "Are you cra..." he stopped me. "Just think about it" he said leaving my room. I felt a tear dribble down my face. I wiped it off and went in the family room. Trudy was sitting in there talking to Will. It was almost 10:30!! I figured nobody would be out there. I stopped walking and listened to there conversation. "That would be very cruel just to send one child away and not the rest." Trudy gasped. Will rolled his eyes. "These kids have been through so much that this would seem like a tiny scratch!" Trudy crossed her arms. "And who exactly were you thinking of sending away Will?" Will sat down. "Jack." I held my breath and continued listening. "He hates it here, I overheard him talking to Cole one day." Trudy shook her head. "And you think he would like it better somewhere eles?!" she exclaimed. Will got up. "We will talk about this in the morning" he said. I sprinted/tiptoed to Jack's door. I swung open the door and ran inside. I quietly closed the door and shook Jack awake. "Jack! Will and Trudy were talking about sending you away because they thought you did not like it here and that you would be better off somewhere else but then Will said that he will talk to Trudy in the morning!" I blurted out really fast. Jack sat up. "I know" he replied. I raised my eyebrows as he continued, "I know Will heard me. But I am not getting sent away, I have a plan."I gulped. "What is your plan?" I asked feeling sneaky. He shook his head."I can't tell you, but believe me,I am NOT getting sent away." I sighed and replied, "Okay" then I left and slipped into my room.

© 2012 crazy4volleyball

Author's Note

Hey!!! Hope you liked this chapter... many more to come, I expect up to 15 chapters, maybe 20

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Not bad, but I found a bunch of grammar issues. An example would be your paragraphs.
1. You change paragraphs when you change speakers. An example from your book is,"He hates it here, I overheard him talking to Cole one day." Trudy shook her head. "And you think he would like it better somewhere eles?!" she exclaimed. Will got up. "We will talk about this in the morning" he said." Because you did not change speakers this became confusing.
2. You change paragraphs when you change topics. An example from your book is,"I had seen horrible things back then, some that I would rather not talk about. In Harlem, I lived with Jacob and Lynna, my birth parents." Since you have changed topics from Harlem to her parents you need a new paragraph. Without this your writing can seem mashed together and overwhelming.
Keep writing, and you'll do well

Posted 12 Years Ago

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