The Girl at the Bakery Shop

The Girl at the Bakery Shop

A Story by Carlos Salinas

A sweet surprise waits for a girl working a bakery shop from a complete stranger.

The Girl at the Bakery Shop

The cars hustled by on the narrow streets on Latin America. It was truly amazing for the observer to see how cars could move so efficiently, coming within a finger’s width of touching another car and not doing so.
He waited patiently for the cars to move and, while keeping an eye on the other streets feeding into that one, finally crossed the street.
He had almost everything he needed; all the major necessities for living were in his heavy bags already.
He now stood directly in front of the bakery; the sweet smell of the pies and cookies made his already growling stomach roar even louder. This was the last stop before he would get home and make something to eat.
As he entered the bakery he noticed there was no one at the register. The smell was even more alluring inside! The sweet cherry tarts were whispering sweet enticements from behind the glass door! The cinnamon rolls were batting their eyes at him!
Finally a girl came out from the back door and greeted him with a kind smile, “What can I get for you?”
“How much are those?” he asked pointing to small vanilla cakes in a glass display case on the counter. He was surprised by the low price. “Let me
have three. And those?” he pointed to square cakes with an amber-colored jelly on top.
“The apple squares?”
“Yes,” he smiled. Again he was surprised at the bargain.
As he set his bags on the ground to get his money, he couldn’t help noticing that she kept staring at the apple square cakes. He was not a wealthy young man, but there was no hesitation.
“Could I invite you to share an apple square with me?” he asked.
“Oh! No, thank you,” she blushed shyly.
“Please? Don’t be shy!”
“Oh no, I couldn’t,” she avoided his eyes.
“Well, then, for later,” he smiled as he took an apple square out from the bag she had packaged them in and placed it in front of her on the counter.
She looked down and smiled, “thank you.”
He nodded with kind eyes, picked up his bags and was out of the bakery. With that apple square he did not simply feed her for that one day, but fed her love for people for the rest of her life.

© 2012 Carlos Salinas

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Added on September 1, 2012
Last Updated on September 1, 2012
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Carlos Salinas
Carlos Salinas

San Antonio, TX

I want my writing to inspire people to do good deeds, love one another, and never give up hope. I want my readers to finish each story or poem wanting more. There are already many negative forces and .. more..

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