It's About To Get Satirical

It's About To Get Satirical

A Poem by CL

This is a poem about a guy i unfortunately met last night, someone so indecent i wasnt sure if i could put it into words effectively, so i tried; thoughts?


The hypocrisy-

he's sitting on his high seat;

unalterable. Honestly-

the ignorance unbearable;

to do it justice,

I'm going to need a better word than terrible;

I'm not even sure

an English word exists-

that would be remotely comparable.


Claiming that he doesn’t deal with children,

when hes sitting right behind me!

Get it straight, because I'm a women-

and your barking up the wrong tree.


The audacity to ask me questions like it's your business-

after you'd openly disrespected me,

and now you expect me to show some interest?

In my seat, there was a new stiffness-

wishing there was a commendable witness.


do you not get it?

I'm only doing this for the safety of those around you-

I cant stand you,

ill do this if it means-

I'm even one second closer to not being around you.

First off, I have more maturity in one of my toenails-

so spare me the details.


Second off-

I despise every fiber of your being;

not even sure why your even a living thing.


Scum of the earth-

and believe me I'm not judgmental,

comes over uninvited, makes a mess of things,

then screaming for a ride-

what you think, I'm mental?

In case you didn't know that was rhetorical-

and it's about to get satirical.



© 2013 CL

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Added on August 19, 2013
Last Updated on August 19, 2013
Tags: hypocrisy, arrogance, rants, poetry, free verse, lyrical, thoughts, emotion, people, humanity, morals



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