Line It Up

Line It Up

A Poem by casablancavic

Line It Up
You're standing in the corner and you're staring over me.
You criticize my actions and everything you see
I'll never be like you and I don't want to be
You are your own prison and I want to be free
So line it up, give me another hit
Let me do it one more time, I'm all ready for it
You can't handle what I can take and I can take a lot
So stand there in bewilderment, while I take another shot
Just like a batter in the ninth round, I'm ready for the game
My eyes are open wide and it's calling out my name
I'll take it like Babe Ruth and blow all of your minds
Cause you are all just amateurs and I want it all as mine

So line it up, give me another shot
Dish out as much as you have, I'll do all that you got
I'll go out of the ballpark and end up on the moon
So stand aside and be amazed when I walk into the room

No, you won't tame me
I won't play by your rules
I'll be the next big story
A headline in the news
I don't like to follow guidelines
And I don't have a plan
But you'll be more than shocked to Hell
And unable left to stand
I'm getting really anxious
I'm feeling kinda numb
You're wishing me to stop it
But I'm having too much fun
It's getting real addictive
I may be in too deep
I never had the confidence
This is real for me

Put it on the table, lay it on the line
Supercharged in overdrive and watch me go - cause I am still doing fine
I've had my share of problems and you're part of it
But watch and learn and realize that I just don't give a s**t

So line it up, get it ready for me now
You won't believe me when you see me, I'll do it all somehow
I'll take more than you can handle, so get ready for a show
You won't believe your eyes when I am set to go

You'll stare in sheer amazement, a blank look on your gaze
You held me back so many times, I'll put you in your place
I'll hold my breath and count to ten and hope that I don't drop
Cause it's so much fun now being here and I don't wanna stop

I've dealt with everything and everyone that would try to keep me down
I don't even care no more, I've already hit the ground
Look into my eyes, I've already passed that stage
I don't really give a damn, can't you see it in my face

Time is up and now it's time to leave you in the dust
There is no more hesitation, the next one is a must
I can't stop now, I've come this far and I'm still have far to go
So spin your wheels on the ice as I blast on through the snow 

Line it up, there's more that I can take
Line it up, though I don't know my fate
Line it up, it's not enough for me
Line it up, I'll make history
Line it up. the limit is the sky
Line it up, I'm waiting for the line
Line it up, I'm energized all right
Line it up, cause I can go all night
Line it up, it's intensifying
Line it up, it's mesmerizing
Line it up, it's electrifying
Line it up, there no denying
Line it up

© 2019 casablancavic

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Added on May 17, 2019
Last Updated on May 17, 2019