An Untold Story: My Best Friend Part 5 (Conclusion)

An Untold Story: My Best Friend Part 5 (Conclusion)

A Story by J Stylez

How I met, lost, and re-introduced myself to a very special person from my point-of-view.



Wow, I think this letter ran longer than I thought it would. I guess I should get to the point. My reason for this, the words I’ve shared, is to somehow come to terms with the moment in time our lives were fated to cross. I never thought you would make such an impact. At one point I believed I had met the single greatest person that may ever walk the face of the earth. But, that’s an easy assumption to make when love is all you feel. Losing you as a friend, as a person, damaged me beyond repair and years later I still find myself trying to make all the pieces fit.

Strangely, it made me a stronger person. I’ve become more focused in everything I do, and I live each moment like it’s the last. Things are far from perfect but I love life now more than ever. I pray you’re doing well. I’ve heard you have a kid now. Odd, I never saw you as a mom! I’m sure it’s just another thing you’re good at. I hope this letter finds you well. I hope I have the courage to actually mail this one to you… If I never see you again I want you to know that I truly enjoyed everything about you and I can only hope to find another friend that I had found in you. I wish you all the best.


                                 Elephant Shoes,

                                 Kurtis Thomas

© 2010 J Stylez

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Added on May 18, 2010
Last Updated on May 18, 2010
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