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You can’t say I didn’t try. But, honestly, what did you expect? You were so cryptic I could never really tell what was on your mind. You were like a book that written in an ancient language that I couldn’t comprehend, yet you constantly challenged me to read. You knew I couldn’t keep up. It’s like you got off on stringing me along. Seated miles above, you watched as I stumbled around like an old, drunken fool. It amused you; your very own court jester. Or, was I more like the village idiot?

And, when things went sideways, what did you think would happen? That I would lower my head in shame or quietly drift into the darkness never to be seen again? Well, I’m sorry that I disappointed you. All of your barbs woke the demons I had managed to lull to sleep ages ago. The very moment I realized I was just a toy, a means to an end, I set them loose. I closed my eyes and took the deepest breath of my life as the demons began to ignite my fragile fears. It felt like a full minute or two passed as my lungs became a vacuum, sucking in all of the hurt and pain I had endured from years past.

The polluted air fanned the small sparks and filled my chest with an untamable flame. A fire that had been corrupted by the very demons your shook loose. With a massive exhale all of the rage, anger, jealously, envy, hate, and malice spewed from my soul, consuming everything in its path.   I didn’t stop until my whole world, the good and bad, was scotched beyond repair. I drummed my chest with the feeling of vindication. Even though I had destroyed everything that I cared about, I knew you couldn’t have escaped the hellacious fury. I had become a monster. But, honestly, what did you expect?

© 2012 J Stylez

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I closed my eyes and took the deepest breath of my life

Beautiful. I have been on the receiving end of this emotional apocalypse before and I deserved it all. I felt it with you, good job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 22, 2012
Last Updated on June 22, 2012
Tags: rage, flame, hate, demons, games, lies, lie, hurt, fear


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A Story by J Stylez

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A Story by J Stylez