Ode to Writers Cafe Poets

Ode to Writers Cafe Poets

A Poem by Carol Cashes

Homage to you all


To all the poets of the Writers Café

I hereby pay homage to your enlightening array

of verses and lyrics which delight and dismay

using words I never knew-much less ever say!


You whirl and twirl your prose in stylish assertions

like a merry-go-round, with no discernable exertion!

I find myself lost and complete in my immersion,

I’m a poet at heart! Who knew?  But I’m certain


that had I not read such moving prose

my mind would yet see poems as foes,

written in language though sweet as a rose

would remain closed to me. Now, in silent repose


I have uncovered an extraordinary world

of battles with soldiers, mighty spears hurled

and scuffles with conscience, depression-words slurred

by battles with alcohol-drugs, bodies curled


in tight fetal positions and sometimes much shaking

your longing for love, acceptance, need taking

by someone past known, or one of your making,

the words are heartfelt, not one of you faking


your desires.  And sometimes your merry wit

brings spontaneous smiles while I sit

reading and learning, my lamps long lit

far in the night, in my own writing pit


created by me for just this endeavor

to learn, to absorb-by all means whatever

I can assemble, no matter the weather

outside, while in here, soul becomes light-like a feather!


You’ve welcomed my elementary works,

praising and encouraging-it always perks

my ego, my pride-you literary Young Turks

pulling from me rhymes with insistent jerks

that I try!  That I exercise my ‘till now unknown skill

of making use of language and bend to my will

words whirling and twirling in the same spinning reel

that you, dear poets, labor to instill


in me the same love of articulate expression

that comes to you naturally, free of oppression

from form, format and most certainly repression

that hinders one from total possession


of powerful wording to say what you mean,

to mean what you say, padded or lean,

stanzas with heart, pictures now seen

of what’s in your mind-so sharp!  So keen!


Now I humbly submit, this prose-so tame

compared to you poets, and it might sound lame,

but this time, dear fellows, it’s not the same,

for this modest offering-is in Miz Carol’s name!








© 2017 Carol Cashes

Author's Note

Carol Cashes
If you find issues, remember you inspired it!

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I liked how you made this to the writers on this site! Very good!

Posted 5 Years Ago

To be honest, this poem shows a lot more skill than at least 75% of what I read here ... I loved it.
You rhyming was natural and spot-on, which is something rare to find in a rhyming piece, much less a rather lengthy one with a difficult rhyme scheme. I love that you kept a lighthearted tone throughout while still maintaining depth an sincerity in your message. I also loved how your enjambment allowed the stanzas to flow seamlessly into one another.
My favorite part was stanzas four through six ("I have uncovered an extraordinary world ... far in the night, in my own writing pit). I love how you painted such vivid emotions there, expressing virtually every motive poets have for writing.
The author's note was the icing on the cake for me ... you were witty from the first word to the last.

One minor critique: I know it's a common practice, but when you capitalize every line, it makes your ideas a bit hard to follow, especially if your lines don't follow a predictable "sing-song" pattern. I suggest only capitalizing the lines that begin new sentences.

- William Liston

Posted 5 Years Ago

Carol Cashes

5 Years Ago

I'm typing on my phone, but will make the changes you suggest at the earliest opportunity. I used M.. read more
A lovely, well-rhymed tribute to our diverse community.
Thank you, Carol.
Much enjoyed!

Posted 5 Years Ago

This is wonderful ,yes writerscafe was always a special place..it told me lots over years of reading such beauties..times it felt like an old library with treasures you have to dig hard to uncover beauties I never expected..
Lovely write

Posted 5 Years Ago

love this...and totally agree with the sentiment...i find so much inspiration here at WC...
just reading others' pieces stirs my fingers to start tapping the keys.
nicely done...

Posted 5 Years Ago

BRAVA! Love this ode & I totally agree! I've been on this website 18mos & I've grown & learned so much! Your use of details is great as I think of all the kinds of messages shared here . . . and as a rhyme-aholic I thoroughly endorse your extended rhymes in each stanza! Thank you for sharing! (((HUGS)))

Posted 5 Years Ago

Carol Cashes

5 Years Ago

Thanks for the "nod" to the rhyming. After laboring in the beginning, I was amazed at myself at how.. read more
We get to write.
Learn a few names
I remind you of him?
That is insane!

my only complaint,
you still got more reads than me.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Carol Cashes

5 Years Ago

I'll try to read some of your work, soon. I rarely see your name in the Feed, but I' don't check it.. read more
Jon Roggie

5 Years Ago

There are so many writers here, and it is impossible to keep up with everyone. Just have fun with i.. read more
This was such a pleasure, happy I came across it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Carol Cashes

5 Years Ago

So happy you found it, and many thanks for reading.
A amazing and worthwhile poem. I believe we need to read to write. Writer's Cafe have been giving me reasons to write for many years. Thank you Carol for sharing your words and your thoughts.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Carol Cashes

5 Years Ago

Reading is how you learn to write. I've been an avid reader since I was 10. Still much to learn, t.. read more
Coyote Poetry

5 Years Ago

I agree. I learn daily something new and you are welcome Carol.
Wow! Milestone work Carol! Eloquent, humble, heart-felt wise words with lovely flow and rhyme. I am in agreement with you on every word. I have not written in years but am so inspired on this site by excellent writers such as yourself.Stellar poem. Kudos to you!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Carol Cashes

5 Years Ago

Milestone work? Now, I've set my own bar too high! I've been out all weekend, resting and taking c.. read more
Annette Pisano-Higley

5 Years Ago

Hope you & B. Both doing well. I am honored by your words-thanks!

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Carol Cashes
Carol Cashes

Biloxi, MS

I'm very cynical, jaded, just this side of bitter and the only reason I haven't crossed that line is a good man loves me. I am extremely empathetic, but seldom sympathetic. I can be a ferociously lo.. more..


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