Referrals, Refreshers and Reminders

Referrals, Refreshers and Reminders

A Story by Carol Cashes

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Referrals, Refreshers and Reminders:


*snort**snapping of fingers*  Wake the hell up--y’all dreamin’ again!

It is Sunday morning here in Biloxi, Mississippi on this damn-near August day and I know…I know, I’ve been “off the air” for awhile, but it sure feels good to be back.  Not 100% yet, but you don’t start training by runnin’ the 12K, so I’m goin’ jus’ eeasse back into my regular programming and before long, folks, I’ll be delivering unrelated-to-anyone-but-me weather updates, my current mental status…always an exciting segment, and of course, the sweeping and hysterical trag…*ahem* saga that I call my marriage.

I arrived at the crime scene that used to be my little office very early today dee-damned-termined to reacquaint myself with…well, myself.  The best place to start soul searching is your perspective and reflections from an earlier time in your life so I reread:

Dying And Dyeing - Parts 1 and 2

Day Three - Dogs, Dirt and Nails

The Real Labor of Love

Damn, but I’m a funny, funny woman!  I mean, I crack myself up all the time, but I have to allow for limited neural/gray matter resources these days, so an accurate “reading” or baseline needed to be established.  Not back to peak levels, but I did cry some when I read about - OF ALL DAMN THINGS - my nails.  That my weak link, the chink in my armour would be a highly toxic resin shaped to appear as an actual body part is…disturbing?  Concerning?  Allow me to put a different spin on it - Read When Dragons Walk, then get back to me with your thoughts about my “weak…link”.

It was as I read the Dying and Dyeing’s, that I realized I could not properly honor my mother, display the appropriate respect with my grief until I had properly and fully grieved for myself.  I saw in full and complete detail the full extent of the damage to my naturally cheerful *cough* self, the inability…no, that’s not right…my unwillingness to publically expose my failings, find the funny, damn-somebody/something to hell and sign off to check my nails for chips that was such a heavy influence and trademark characteristic of my last summer’s self and it was a crushing blow to my spirit.  I cried for that weird, fierce wannabe badass I was, then.  I carry that chickie’s embers, in a safe place--they are heavily guarded and are ready to light the fire…when she’s ready to light up that fire.  Bottom line, my peoples, it looked like it might have been a close call, but ole cars and ole broads have always stood the rigorous testing of fools and over-crowded parking lots and this old model always starts right up…a new paint job and a little interior work, why folks, this here will be a good old work car (horse?) again.

To sign off this Sunday morning’s program, I felt a need for some spiritual, meaningful fare and reread Rites of Passage. It properly validated that I can write…and I have full and complete confidence that I will meet and exceed the level of word mastery I demonstrated in Rites, which is what I consider to be my best writing to date.

This is Miz Carol, signing off this morning in Biloxi, Mississippi, on Sunday, July 28th, 2019.

© 2019 Carol Cashes

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I could see this becoming a regular blog, like say on FB, & becoming a cult favorite. The reason I say this is becuz, reading just one by itself can be a little hard to figure out. I mean, you leave a few holes that the reader must fill in. If we were reading you regularly, we'd be more dialed into the stuff that you've been referring to lately. I love your audacious style & I love how you admit cracking yourself up. I write mostly becuz I crack myself up & my life would otherwise be very drab & boring! I am so glad to see you back (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Carol Cashes

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