Drifting Upon Shore

Drifting Upon Shore

A Poem by cassandra violet

A poem about how depression decays the soul


I sway like those weeds beneath the sea

That twist and tangle, sitting long and forgotten

In pits dead and deep, buried in the sand.

I dance in the dusk as I yearn for the sun,

That is rumored to be above this dreary darkness,

Which falls on me,

holding my roots into the ground with clenching fists,

shifting with my shadow.

I am left without the sound of sweet music,

And the sensation of scents that frolic so freely with the leaping wind.

The fish peck at my skin, chewing on my branches,

Their vibrant blush contrasts against the night,

That is stained upon these broken leafs as they wither from shade,

Breathing with madness, stuck in this state.


The internal currents of the sea slowly drift the sand off me and I am released, wiggling my feet to kick away from the cell that was that floor.

I arrived upon the ocean shore,

Drowning in the waves that refused to break away from me,

Like the guilt of a sin that consumes those in shame,

burning at their flesh with fierce flames,

They cry my name,

they beg me to come back,

But my roots have been released from the swerving of the sea-

And even if I so wished, If I returned to the ocean I would only aimless drift

Subject to the tide, And I refuse to go back,

And rest in those murky waters that crawl in my soul,

and indulge in my pain that sets itself like a feast upon a table

Which was burnt and turned away.


When at last I crash upon the earth, the wetness of my skin

Picks up chunks of dirt that sporadically streak upon these leafs,

Which are bland and brown compared to all that is around me,

But yet I cannot ignore the glimmer of the soothing sun as it rains upon the ocean,

Tattooed in red vivid hues, shinning like blood on a tissue.

Oh! How warm it feels as it’s wild rays caress me and release music from my soul

that chirps with the birds as they flutter around and beside me.

My pores open up to the light that is thrust down my throat-

Until I begin to choke upon the dryness

From the rays that paraded through my veins,

sending sweet moans through my throat

After such dense darkness, which appears to have followed me,

And now silenced the song of my pleasure,

Which sets like the weather as the sun falls into the waves.

I attempt to roll back into the wet water that could quench my thirsty cries,

But time does not show sympathy, because the dryness grows upon me,

And my veins are drained from the straining of the burning sun

That lingers in the coming dusk.

Then the chirping of the birds stops as they near me in flocks

Of angry beasts, pecking at my leafs.

I think that I am dead until I hear the sun scorching my skin,

While the birds tear apart my limbs,

And my screams echo against the pounding of the wind

And I lay like litter decaying into the grave

On the sand of the shore that I had longed for earlier that day. 

© 2010 cassandra violet

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I can see from this read, how words and imagery drift together in your world. I have read several of your works and I must say, you never fail to delight me, never fail to take me on a journey, sometimes leaving me full of peace, other times deep in thought.. never do I find the experience unsatisfying.. Thank You..

Posted 9 Years Ago

You must have worked really hard on it, because it is excellent, beyond my expectations, and moving. :D I loved it.
Would somebody please be kind enough to review some of my works? THANKS! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 25, 2010
Last Updated on November 25, 2010
Tags: depression, angst, pain


cassandra violet
cassandra violet

boston, MA

I hate this part. This is the part where I try to tell you who I am, what I've been and what I want with every single last milimeter of blood dancing in my veins to become- the person who my heart bea.. more..

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A Poem by cassandra violet