Gold Will Always Stay

Gold Will Always Stay

A Poem by cassandra violet

As my eager limbs jump into the tide

I find the riding of a wave to lift my soul in smile,

But the grin of delight soon turns with fright as I fall with its crash-

It’s raging crumble. Static I stood, frowning with the memory

When the waters birthed a new for me to pursue

With greater passion then the last wave the sea had cast.


I found my fingers fondling the petals of natures sweet flower,

The flames of beauty drew me in,

Light leading me from the dim halls I had paced,

But then as with them I played, they began to fall-

fragile leaves plucked…

Sorrow shaded over me, staining me with dusk,

Until the seeds of the withered blossom thrust from the dirt,

Peaking into the setting of Earth.

A new flower formed, birthed and bathing in the sunlight,

Its growth flying with the freedom of a bird’s flight.


The raging pumps ringing from the heart of sunrise vibrated in my veins,

Painting the horizon with color, revealing secret hidden hues,

The hands of awe drew wonder on my face,

Placing me in a state of bliss,

But then the rainbow drifted, drained of its tints, replaced with days blue kiss-

Yet just as I begun to miss the maze of shades,

I felt my skin warm from the sun,

Thus I feasted on the fire, laughing with the light that lit the world.

Day dug deeper, until the sky shared the treasure of sunset,

And I wept, asking myself how I could be so blessed.


So why I wonder, is it said that gold decays?

That it fades from the canvas of earth’s scene

When upon each wither a new light stars to flicker,

Sprouting flames that rain their rays brighter then the parent of their seed.

Ever-growing leaves on the branches of life’s tree change from green

Only to bathe in gold sparkle, glimmering like burning charcoal,

Leaving one startled as they marvel at the eternal great glow.

For why it has been wise to believe that nothing gold can stay-

For why it has been claimed that this knowledge should frolic in our thoughts

I’ll never know, for I realized on that day that the gift of gold,

nature would never cease to bestow.

© 2010 cassandra violet

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In the end. A field of flowers will be worth more then gold. Nature had few safe places. Gold had built and destroy countries. A interesting poem. Ending lines was amazing. A outstanding poem. Thank you.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Express your thoughts so vividly, and I really admire this poem for that. Excellent write :))

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was lovely my friend,i could see two sides of the scene..
I think its the way of life,some new long and strong wave will come and take you high
till your thoughts will soar up like fire waging,and mind like fever bursting like mad
only then the wave will die and you like to fall from up there and fever recedes
and you are left inert and inapt for everything ,like drained of all strength
only then there will come another great wave and you will be raised again
or you could imagine it as as the golden sun ,so gold yellow and strong
so heated up will rage in your veins and set you wild again and again
but only as the sun comes down to mingle with the colored hues of sunset
here you feel a little setback but the view of,a huge range of colors
though less shining still its of great beauty that will take your breath
and sends another kind of heat through will see its a never ending
flow and ever changing source of fiery life,all colored and all blessing
how i loved the thoughts ,so mixed up and woven beautifully
yes there are always setbacks ,but you could always sparkle and shine again
lovely write ..

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very vivid. Great writing with very good imagery!

Posted 10 Years Ago

A poem full of thoughts and expressions! nice job!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I found this a little bit of a rollercoaster of thoughts and expressions, zigzaging me both here and there, never knowing quite where i was, but Gold will not perish with the mist, it shall last and always persist

Posted 10 Years Ago

every poem i read makes me love your work more. can't find a single thing wrong with any that i've read so far. you are most definitely a master of words

Posted 10 Years Ago

Thus i feasted on fire that really speaks tom me

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 27, 2010
Last Updated on November 27, 2010
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cassandra violet
cassandra violet

boston, MA

I hate this part. This is the part where I try to tell you who I am, what I've been and what I want with every single last milimeter of blood dancing in my veins to become- the person who my heart bea.. more..

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A Poem by cassandra violet

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