Too Blind to See (A Satire on Political Correctness)

Too Blind to See (A Satire on Political Correctness)

A Poem by Cassie Weller

A poetic satire on Political Correctness based on the art piece "The Blind Leading the Blind" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


What do you see when your eyes are closed?
Does the darkness offend you at all?
Does the breath in your lungs or the wind in your hair
make walking through life more a crawl?

What do you do when there’s no one around?
Are you bothered by all that you know?
Does your human existence insult who you are,
creating a work just for show?

What do you hear when there’s no one to speak?
Are you grateful for silence that bites?
Does the thought of a sentence bring harm to your soul,
leaving days just as looming as night?

It’s only rare people who answer these “yes”,
For to most, daily-life is just that.
However, our world is drifting to this madness;
don’t call a dog- dog, or cat- cat.

Don’t distinguish a color or stature,
Amalgamate so all will belong.
Don’t identify ages, or wages, or rights,
for a right that’s not mine is just wrong.  

No gender or culture, unless it is mine.
Don’t say that a person is smart.
Take each breath from the rich and give all to the poor;
after all, that’s just having a heart. 

The lazy’s not lazy- just choosy.
Let religions be right- except one. 
Unless you have nothing inside of your head,
then your thoughts are worth nothing to none.

How dare you identify difference
but not side with those claiming to be!
You are only worth the amount you don’t stand for,
unless you’re here standing with me.

The students are now purple penguins;
the man and the woman are freed!
No difference in beast, in the plant, or the child,
So hug trees but abort human seed. 

The God of existence insults me,
so let’s honor the demonic goat.
After all, worship is for crutch-needing morons,
but let’s create ours and leave it to vote. 

Your freedom of speech needs to silence
but that silence is tearing the sky-
from the pains of the ignorant, all-fair regime
that gives trophies for not asking why. 

Give a medal to all who are living
and play down the win of the few.
Don’t offend the offender in case he’s a she,
or a bigamist, white man, or Jew.

There’s no right and no wrong only maybe-
with a world that’s confused just to BE.
Then just walk around clenching your eyes and be blind,
so it doesn’t insult you to see.

© 2017 Cassie Weller

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Cassie Weller
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Added on January 4, 2017
Last Updated on January 4, 2017
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Cassie Weller
Cassie Weller


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