A Chapter by Toasty (Erin)

This is where we start and it may end quickly

It has been about ten or more years since the war happened and the infection spread.
I have no clue, I’ve been locked up for that time period, since only 2% of the population went underground and the rest had to bear on the infected wasteland known as the Surface.  Now they want to go back to the Surface and take what was there’s before the infection. They are finding Immunies to go up and clear areas full of the undead, no one has stepped forward because well, every still trembles in fear of the unknown. Now they’re testing for Immunies and that’s where I come in, the mental girl who went nuts on the ride down here and shot a guard. I’m going to the surface and hack a bunch of Z’s and earn my freedom.
Thankfully I’m not alone, I got a convict, gang leader, a relapsed druggie and a war vet. They pretty much took the one’s who couldn’t pay for their freedom or got the ultimate threat, the Surface or death.
Now I sit in my cell awaiting for my final sentence, to the Surface with complete strangers who are probably as fucked up as me with no family left or friends, waiting for the day it all comes crashing down, like all things do.
Out of the corner of my eye I see another man getting thrown into those clear cells, his hair short and he is clean shaven but he clothes look like he was in prison on the Surface. He shouts but I can’t hear him, prisoners are not allowed to talk, only to be used as medical guinea pigs I suppose.
I lean over and roughly tap on the unbreakable glass, he stops shouting and looks at me with an arched eyebrow. I roll my eyes and shake my head in shame and then mouth ‘No use.’
He nods and sits on the cot, his feet are planted on the ground safely and his head is down. He shouts one more time, arching his back like a wolf howling or what wolves were like.
I let out a sigh and lay down on the cot.
“Attention Immunities, tomorrow you will get get sent up to the Surface. That is all.” The Announcer says over the P.A system.
I give the speaker over my cot the middle finger and look at the man in the next cell. He sits still for a moment then whips around and punches the wall behind him, the only thing not made of glass but rock. He yells out again, holding his wrist.
Everyone is like that the first day in the cell, unpredictable, unsure of anything and pretty much insane.
I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep, it’s weird how easy I can fall asleep even though tomorrow may be my last, I may be immune but I am not invincible....

© 2012 Toasty (Erin)

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Added on May 26, 2012
Last Updated on May 26, 2012


Toasty (Erin)
Toasty (Erin)


I am a young writer who spends too much tim with books and notebooks. I love to read and write, I can write a short story in uncer a day and I can finish off a book in under 24 hours if I stayed up lo.. more..

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