Cosmic Contemplation

Cosmic Contemplation

A Poem by alienated.aquarius

Nowadays I have more excuses than reasons to write.

However, when you run out of things to consume

It is time to create.


My unconscious canvas

So blank it became a

Collage of the collective consciousness.

I want to write about lives

That are more remarkable

than my own

Indulge in my imagination.


The irony is I never thought I’d be a poet

Quantity or quality

Quenching thirst for mania

Lobotomize the lack of motivation

Take advantage of time

Can’t ignore the calling

Keep it coming

Making sense of jumbled jargon

A lot of the time, writing feels like

giving up swallowing your tongue.


Can a preacher and a poet

Be one in the same?

Spirit speaks to me through scribbles

Picking up a pen is like

Picking up a phone

Cosmic telepathic artistry

you have access

you just need to remember what to dial.

Poetry chapbook 'Sonder' now available on Amazon!

© 2019 alienated.aquarius

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"you have access you just need to remember what to dial"

well done.

Posted 1 Week Ago

sorry I have been MIA and havent been doing reviews like you have been requesting... life.
As for the review I like this piece, it's pretty straight forward in telling the thoughts you were getting across. i loved the line about writing feeling like "giving up" swallowing your tongue. sometimes for me i feel like if i dont get the thoughts or feelings out they tear me down or drown me. so i find that relatable. i will be honest and say for my liking it lacked some flow. thats just a personal liking, rhyme schemes and sentence manipulation pull me in and i find they often elaborate thoughts or emotions without being as direct allowing the writing to move freely and the reader to be pulled in. just a thought but love the piece and def can relate. =o)

Posted 3 Months Ago

I think a lot of people on this site never imagined producing such beautiful poetry either. But, we all have A LOT to say/write and most is worth hearing/reading. You have great work. Please, keep it coming.

Posted 4 Months Ago

It's nice meeting you and Oh, I can relate to this! Writing is revealing our soul, which we should never give up.

Posted 4 Months Ago

In everything that surrounds us, there always something, no matter how little, that gives freedom to the `creative juice` in our hearts. Great job! :)

Posted 4 Months Ago

i loved this.. you have something to say and a point of view ...both of which are relevant and important.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Always jotting down thoughts, sometimes the words flow into a poem and sometimes nothing at all. Keep the ink flowing.

Posted 4 Months Ago

I feel the same way. There is always a reason to write down a thought or a feeling or to create a story. It's an impulse that is pure imagination. Keep writing! Your poetry is inspiring.

Posted 4 Months Ago

I really like this. I feel it on a personal level and really inspires me to make more pieces of my own. Great job!

Posted 4 Months Ago

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18 Reviews
Added on August 19, 2019
Last Updated on August 19, 2019
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Buffalo, NY

Hi! I'm Catie. i write things (poems, fiction, blogs/articles) and try to publish them. i love chasing waterfalls and sunsets. i was born at a very young age. i can pick things up with my toes. i'm ob.. more..


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