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She told she would. She told me I should hide. But I didn't trust her. Now as I lay in my bed I pay the costly price.
Blonde hair hung down from her head, face concealed by a gleaming white ski mask. For the first time ever I felt truly terrified,  I knew this would be my last night. Whoever was behind that ski mask was here to kill me. I had seen her watching me before peeking through my window, watching me. She pulled off the mask to show a beautiful face marked by scars from her prevous victims. Gleaming blue eyes screamed with the pleasure of killing me. Lips curled into a threatening grin. I tried to breath but my throat closed on the air... my head spun. I was going to die.
She took a neatly folded square out of an air tight container and put it over my mouth and nose. I struggled against her grasp on my arms but there was no way I was going too get free. Then my head started spinning my vision going in and out. Then nothingness. When I came back to my sences my hands were tied tightly, my feet were bound there was a gag in my mouth and a bag over my head. I had no scence of where I was just that I was in a moving car. I struggled against the bindings on my hands but there was not use it seemed. But I kept trying. I held as still as I could so whoever it was who had me captured didn't see me. Then I felt one of the carefully placed knots slip, then another and finally my hands were free. I kept them behind my back though and made the rope look like it was still on. The bindings on my feet were clumsily done, so I escaped easily from those. I left the gag where it was to keep me from making noise. 
Suddenly the car lurched to a stop. And the doors were thrown carelessly opened, The foul smell of spilled beer, cigar smoke and the metallic smell of blood filled my nostrils. Ice cold hands grabbed my arms and dragged to my unknown destination. There I was about to die with only the slightest chance of escape> A foot made contact with my hip and a sharp pian raced through me.I rolled over twice then I fell into someting with a ice cold surface. I went under. There was no way I could make it back to the surface, I couldn't swim. I flung my arms from behind my back and flailed about but it was no use. My linbs stilled and my lungs felt like they were about to burst. I let my breath out and sucked in the ice water. Excruciating pain fulled me my lungs filled with water. I let out an un seen tear... I was going to dye. Then my vision went blurry then failed me completely. Then there was nothingness. I was dead.

© 2013 PennsPoet

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You're really good at writing you know but its so sad! It's really descriptive though i liked it a lot.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

thanks :)

9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

lol :)

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