The Girl Who Waited

The Girl Who Waited

A Poem by Niko Timmy

From the episode of Doctor Who "The Girl Who Waited". In Rory's point of view.

The same person, but
still completely different.
Feels like cheating,
looks like cheating
but they're the same girl.
The same person,
different time
different age.
Not a different person,
not a different girl.
Made a mistake,
letting the TARDIS leave her behind.
To grow old for 40 -
no, 36 years. She
weeps, feeling betrayed.
Convince her, trying to change her thoughts.
She hates the raggedy man, she
despises him. For leaving
her behind, for years on end.
"Rory's the most beautiful man
I've ever met." I remember
I heard her say. She loves me, I know.
Trying to save her,
and in the end
I must choose between one or the other.
She walks through the door, the other one disappears.
She begs me not to open, not to give in.
I feel longing, depression from separation.
But separation from the younger
or the older? We left her behind,
made a major mistake.
But then again, I waited 40,000 years for her!
She only waited 36 years! I had to make the choice
between the older and the younger.
She didn't. I waited, she finally came
that was it. She waited, I came.
I had to make a choice.

The Doctor is slowly turning
me. I want to be my own man
not him, not someone like him.
If it's not needed, we do not let it in.
Oh, don't worry, we don't need the older one
we have the younger one! No need for the one who waited
over 36 years!

I've become him, and its his fault!
Spending so much time with him, I've changed.
Amy, I'm sorry.
Leave you to die, die in the place you waited.
You've been so strong, fighting them off, learning their ways.
You deserve better, but this is for the best.
The girl who waited,
and the boy who wanted to be in a rock band.
"I'm not upset that you're old,
I'm upset we didn't get to grow old together."
I'm sorry, Amy.

© 2011 Niko Timmy

Author's Note

Niko Timmy
Again, in Rory's point of view from Doctor Who - The Girl Who Waited.

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hello - it was eighteen hundred years rory took care of Amy while she was preserved in the Pandorica .

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ahh!!!! I loved that episode! It was a good poem you brought together a lot of little details I hadn't really thought about before. I loved the way you ended it. Rory is quickly becoming on of my favorite doctor who characters.
I just have one thing though though. I'm pretty sure it was only 2,000 years, because I think he started as a Roman and that's when they sprung up. Sorry, I'm a stickler for little details.

Posted 10 Years Ago

i'm sure you can tell i enjoyed reading this since it's relatable because i'm a hardcore revived doctor who fan and it's a nice touch from The Girl Who Waited - error it's Raggedy not Ragedy also i like how you put - The Boy Who Wanted To be in a Rock Band and it's nice to see that you've been inspired and influenced by one of many things . forget bow ties poems are cool now i read poems Hahaha

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 30, 2011
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