Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Niko Timmy

Kat and Laurissa in Theater class.


Laurissa and Katherine walk into Theater class together, the only class they had together. Both of them felt uncomfortable in school after seeing Xavier this morning.

Katherine explained before class that she didn't understand why he would possibly want to come back to this school after what happened between him and Laurissa. Laurissa didn't know either, she didn't want to believe that it was because of her, there had to be another reason. She didn't trust him anymore. For two years she's built up so much hatred and disrespect for him, he must have known that. Why would he dare come back? What did he think Laurissa would do? Welcome him with open arms?

"I want to say that we should just leave it behind us but I have a feeling Xavier won't be so easy to just shrug off." Katherine says as they take a seat in the black metal chairs spread out across the classroom.

Theater class was taught by Mrs. Lervoski, and the class always met in her classroom but when they put on musicals or plays they would meet in the theater for rehearsals. There were usually a decent amount of students in her class every year, never too little or too big. Laurissa had been in Theater every year of high school because of her deep passion for singing and acting. But Katherine had only been in it for the past two years. The two of them loved the class to bits.

"Xavier isn't easy to get rid of." Laurissa agreed. She didn't want to say too much on the subject. She was afraid she might panic and give away too much information about what really happened with Xavier.

"Two years." Katherine complained. "And he finally comes back. What do you think made him come back?"

"Boredom." Laurissa said flatly. Katherine considered her answer and then nodded in agreement.

They fell into silence as they waited for class to begin. Other students came into the classroom and took their seats. Some were new students, others were ones that have been in Theater, and some were ones that have never been in Theater. Laurissa wondered what urged them to join.

"Alright, class. Please take your seats and we'll begin shortly." Mrs. Lervoski said, stepping out of her office. Mrs. Lervoski was beautiful with her long black hair and thin figure. All the other female teachers looked at her with jealousy. She wouldn't admit it, but she's brilliant. All the students knew it, all the teachers knew it, anyone who spent five minutes talking to her knew it.

She was one of Laurissa's favorite teachers, even after spending four years in Rochester Highschool, meeting new teachers every year, Mrs. Lervoski was always her favorite. Laurissa would genuinely miss her when she went off to college.

Laurissa focuses on other things, like a few new students who just walked into the classroom. Katherine noticed them as well and we both searched among the crowd for any interesting guys. "Ooh, cute blond just walked through the door."

Laurissa takes a look but shakes her head, "Nah, he seems too . . .shy."

"Kind of." Katherine considers. "What about the dark haired one next to him?"

Taking one look at him, Laurissa almost mistook him for Xavier. They had the same haircut and almost the same color. Luckily, the boy Laurissa was staring at had a lighter shade then Xavier's dark, dark hair. "I wonder what his name is." Katherine asks beside her. "He looks like a rock and roll kind of guy."

Laurissa notices his shirt said Metallica on it and she chuckled a little. His shaggy hair and loose black jeans gave off a casual kind of vibe, but the way he stood, leaned against the brick wall behind him with his arms crossed, made him seem like hardcore, attitude-filled douchebag. "Eh, not my type."

"I want to try for a new kind of guy this year. I call dibs." Katherine says. Laurissa looks at her with confusion. "Well, who said I can't try new things. Plus, he doesn't seem all that bad to me."

"Ok, fine. But when you come to me crying because he cheated on you with some makeup-covered, tongue- kissing, high-heeled, attention-hogging chick with big hair, you better expect me to say I told you so." Laurissa jokes.

"Pfft," Katherine crosses her arms across her chest. "Attention-hogging chick with big hair? Really, Riss? Nah, he wouldn't go for that."

"Just you watch, he'll have his arms around Mary Karol in a week." Laurissa protests. Mary Karol was the prom queen for three years in a row, the head of the cheer leading for two years, and she's probably the richest girl in the school.

"Yeah, but that won't be by his doing." Katherine objects. "Mary Karol will approach him with opened lips in about two days."

"Want to bet on that?" Laurissa suggests, her eyebrows raised in curiosity.

Katherine thinks about it and then looks at Laurissa with a nod. "You're on. I bet Mary Karol will be the one to approach him."

"And I bet he'll be the one to approach her." Laurissa smiles and shakes hands with Katherine, sealing the bet. "What are you going to pay me when you lose?"

"Ha, you mean what are you paying me." Katherine grins. "The loser pays the winner five bucks and a lunch."

"Ooh, I'm getting a free lunch." Laurissa smiles and leans back in her seat, watching as the new guy struts across the room to take a seat. "Look at that walk. He is so full of it."

"Which is why Mary will be all over him." Katherine says.

Mrs. Lervoski walks down the steps from her office and walks to the front of the classroom just as the rest of the students take their seats. "Please take your seats as I call off the attendance." Mrs. Lervoski announces. She called off everyone's names in alphabetical order. Laurissa and Katherine found out that the new, dark haired boy's name was Morgan Harper. His voice sounded sweet and light when he said "here" after the teacher called his name.

Katherine heard it in his voice as well and smiled at the sweet sound of it. Just that simple word told them so much about him. He didn't seem like such a bad boy anymore. He seemed like a sensible, sweet guy. And just from that one word he uttered from the back of the room.

But everyone knew that most people aren't what they seem. Laurissa decided to not get her hopes up. She gave Katherine a questioning look, as if to say "Are you really going to believe it?", and she nodded to say she agreed with Laurissa.

The rest of the hour went by fast, as all fun things do. Laurissa sat in admiration as she watched Mrs. Lervoski teach and introduce herself and the class to the new students. When class was over Laurissa walked out happy and renewed. She felt somewhat better now than when she walked into the classroom. Mrs. Lervoski's class would be one good thing about Senior year.

Though the list of good things has started to shrink.

© 2012 Niko Timmy

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Author's Note

Niko Timmy
I like this chapter but I feel like it doesn't fit that well with the previous chapters, so please tell me your opinion.

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