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need help for name!

need help for name!

A Story by LittleEye:)

Ignore this v v v 7. Telekinesis, fire, wind, water, earth, telepathic, astro-projector.


"Hello Jane...", I had just walked into a bar when I was suddenly confronted with a Member of the Organization.


"Hey Riley, what are you doing here?", Riley was not just any normal Member, he was an Upper Classman, they never come out of their safe house... It is definatly important for him to be here...


"I was coming to look for you... i got a tip that you hang out here, and they were right...", He shifted his wieght and started walking towards the bar.


"Who was right? And why did you need to find me", I followed close behind him.


"Who, is not important. Why, thats a little more important...", He looked up and stared me in the eyes. He has soft caring blue eyes that you can just get lost in... I mentally shook my head back to reality.


"Well what is so wrong that you need a Lower Classmans help?", I stiffend awaiting the answer that he took a while to answer. After thinking he responded;


"We need all of the Members with active powers...", I was confused, there are many Members in the Organization with active powers such as the power to control Water, Fire, and Wind, I posses the power to control Fire.


"Why can't you just use the Upper Classmen?", i was starting to get a little frightend, his tone told me somthing big was happening.


"We're not quite sure, a Seer said that she could see confusion, mahem, and catastrophy. We had three other Seer's look and all said the same, a war is upon us...", He never broke eye contact with me, I was that one to do that... I looked at the ground and though deeply about what to say... But before i could say anything he stood up and turned to leave, then stopped.


"Follow me"


In his car we rode silently, I was still stuck on the thought that I might have to put all that training into use. I have only ever fought in one on one battles and those we're only against the weakest of the Rakshasas , a race that hunts us, the Lunantishess. Not all Lunantishess are in the Organization, only the most powerful, but maybe they will call on everyone to fight in this war.


© 2009 LittleEye:)

Author's Note

not done yet obviously, its for my creative writing class and i am hoping it turns out goood

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Added on December 10, 2009
Last Updated on December 12, 2009



orlando, FL

All of you that have known me since 2007 have seen me grow up through my work, i just want to say thx for all of the reviews and the comments you guys help a lot more..