Tough Love

Tough Love

A Story by Chris

Another Blue Rose Cafe Contest entry, this one as a challenge to write a story with nothing but dialogue. Hope you enjoy!


“No. Sorry. You aren’t ready.”

“Agreed, he still needs to come along quite a-ways.”

“Wot? Are yeh surrious? Yeh don’t thenk Oi cen handle it?

“Not at all. Just look at you. You’re trembling. Sweaty hands. Sweaty brow. Why, if I just met you I would think you were about to rob a bank.”

“Oi am about ter rob a benk!”

“The best bank robbers look nothing like bank robbers.”

“We’re a funny sort that way.”

“The two of yeh must be mad then! Yeh don’t think Oi can do the job ‘at Oi brought yeh. Well ain’t that just a cup ‘o joe?”

“I’m not sure I know what that means. You?”

“None whatsoever. I guess we will just take your word for it. You still are off the job.”

“Right well then Oi guess moi first stop’ll be th’ police then.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh wouldn’t Oi?”

“No, you wouldn’t. You tell them about the plan and they figure out that you were in on it. That’s conspiracy and you’re a foreigner. The cops around here like nothing more than sending foreigners back home. You left home for a reason right?”

“I think he’s right. You fled because of some trouble? Death threats, or something to that accord, no?”

“Yeh think they’d send me ‘ome?”

“Oh most definitely.”

“Well wot am Oi s’posed the do then? Just set here til yeh all come back with the money?”

“Of course not. We’re running a Jolly Roger. We won’t be back around here for a long time coming. Sit around here and the cops will find you before the weekend.”

“You should probably got to the rendezvous. Do you remember where it is?”


“Well that’s unfortunate then. Suppose we should tell him?”

“He already forgot it once. He’ll just do it again.”

“No Oi won’t. Oi promise. Where’ll it be then?”

“We can’t tell you.”



“Oi’m beggin’ yeh! Tell me where t’go and Oi’ll be there ready teh do wot’ever yeh need. Please!”

“…Ok. Meet us at the old hotel Berglund. Go now. We’ll get there shortly after you do.”


“Well, go.”


“You think he knows?”
“I doubt it. He’s not bright enough to expect a thing.”

“True. What luck.”

“Agreed. Not often you find a fall guy so easily for a job like this.”

“I’ll take it as a good sign.”

“Here’s hoping.”

© 2013 Chris

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A good dialogue piece.....moved along at a good pace. Couldn't wait to see what happened in the end. Well done. Thank you for submitting this to the contest.


Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 15, 2013
Last Updated on March 15, 2013
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