A Poem by Bent Dragon (Eric)

A poem I wrote that is set in a slightly dystopic society where conformity is the norm. It is a poem about how two people find happiness in such a time and place.





hearts float happily

at feelings shared mutually

light as two clouds

bubbling with thoughts to be said aloud


both children at heart

so identical that they could never part

flitting from thought to thought

never staying long enough to be caught


Knowing that their uniqueness will be revealed

causing scars that may never be healed

so behind the barrier of their masks their uniqueness is curled

hidden from the rest of the world


but when they're together their uniqueness can play

when there together everything is okay

as their hearts beat in tune

they could ask no greater boon


then to be together

as they lay in the heather

hearts as light as a feather

they wish the night could last forever


the night passes by and their hearts weep

knowing that dawn will soon creep

up the horizon and the masks must return

and yet they yearn to let the masks burn


as dawn breaks they kiss

both in perfect bliss

then the masks go back on

and the smiles are gone


replaced by a unified frown

and the days becomes that noun

but each night their spirits are set free

as they are together he and she


and they can take off those masks

and celebrate and bask

in who and what they are

despite that the world finds them bizarre


they have found happiness each night

because together all is right



© 2015 Bent Dragon (Eric)

Author's Note

Bent Dragon (Eric)
I wrote it a little while ago but I'd be glad of any comments you have.

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Added on March 12, 2009
Last Updated on February 18, 2015


Bent Dragon (Eric)
Bent Dragon (Eric)

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