Empty Soul

Empty Soul

A Poem by AaronFreitas

Originally a song I wrote way back Feb 10, 2008, changed a couple things so I could share. It was written about a specific moment in my life where things weren't good.



Nothing's ever perfect
Nothing's ever fair
I look into these eyes
And see this blank stare

Frayed since my creation
Abandoned from the start
My mother never loved my dad
And it breaks my f*****g heart!

Made to disappoint
Destined to fail
Created for your laughter
Only I could never tell

I am so pathetic
It’s so sad to see
I am just a worthless liar
but that’s what you made of me

That’s why you did it
That’s why you left me empty
Torn between my family
And it’s not sad for you to see

Why me? Why me?
What did I do to deserve this empty destiny?
Why me? Why me?
Take my empty soul and leave me free to be

You gave me life
But left me in this empty hole
So take my life
And my empty soul


© 2016 AaronFreitas

Author's Note

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Wow....I'd share a song to answer this, but it's not on English, and i couldn't translate yet. . so ....

i can relate to this, all too well. (except for being a liar.)

but, take a quick note, we're all here for you :)
you're not worthless.
you're one of a kind. no one could even think about asking for a better friend :)

i loved the write
full rating

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Dani The Unreviewed

5 Years Ago

And you're welcome.

5 Years Ago

Awesome song to read to by the way! Almost couldn't even read your review I have my guitar on my co.. read more
Dani The Unreviewed

5 Years Ago

hehehe : )


This is really good. It is kinda like some of my stuff. Your very talented and this amazing on so many levels.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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I like how open your words are
I guess living between two that are not in love is painful
I can say i relate to this
Only its somehow enlightening to see things through someone else's perspective

Posted 4 Years Ago

This sure makes me feel like a misunderstood teenager again. And somehow that makes me sad to think that people don't really take other's pain seriously, because of their age or color of skin or gender.

Nothing's ever perfect no, life isn't fair either. However, life sure is big. It's big and long and full of opportunities for you to create whatever you feel like and fill it with whatever you choose.

I liked the poem, thanks for sharing

// O

Posted 4 Years Ago

This is indeed heart-wrenching. One thing though is that I notice you use rhyme in the beginning few verses but then switch to freestyle. It's a little off, like either stick to freestyle or complete rhyme, but I think if I could hear it, it would probably sound different.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Very deep and quite moving and heart breaking for sure.
Love the title goes very well.
I am very sorry if this is about you, seems like you have had quite the few family problems, having a broken family is very hard, and I'm sure plenty of us can relate to that.
This piece is REAL its also emotional and honest.
I really liked this poem allot.
Keep writing :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Nothing can always be good, can it? Even when I feel my life is so together, there's always that one aspect that makes it all fall apart again, then I'm back to where I started. Point is, we all gotta start somewhere. I love my life, but always have those feelings of uncertainty where I have no idea what's going on. Not all can be right all the time, but it's our choice to make them right. We make the decisions in our lives & how to run it. There no point in being perfect for anyone, but just living a life in which we feel most comfortable. We are not worthless, we are not scum. We are just...who we are. To me, its all all about accepting who you are. If you ,ale mistakes, figure out a way to change them into better things. Do things that make you smile & which make you most worthy to yourself. Love yourself, even if you feel low. Not everyday will be bright, but you must find a way to face the sunshine...no one is worthless...no matter how we feel...someone will always care about you & keep you in their hearts. Forever & always.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wow. very powerful. Coming from a split home i can relate to it sometimes you feel like neither parent cares because they only see the other parent in you

Posted 5 Years Ago

I can relate to this. I love the way you expressed your feelings here..great poem

Posted 5 Years Ago

Sorry I only got this right now. I haven't really been posting here for a while. I'm finally done with school, and now focusing on finding work. Anyway, I love the poem.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

No problem I understand... I haven't been on much just been busy plus living and creating experience.. read more
Your raw emotions are expressed well. The reader can actually feel the disappointment

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thank you very much Lina :) Appreciate your review :)

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