Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

A Poem by An owl on the moon

66 voices from 20 different countries around the world unite for peace.


Peace on Earth �" 8th Annual Christmas Collab!


66 voices from 20 different countries around the world unite for peace. All poets are in alphabetical order by first name. Please feel free to copy and share all these verses on your page.


The peace in earth, we want without curse 
Sweet, pleasant, air, but we breathing with disgust
Yes, yes, We people breakin' everyone's trust 
but now not anymore, this celebration's 'bout havin' peace, rebirth."

Adams - USA


Find me a gimme 
all wrapped in silk
Make it look big 
like a Piece on the Earth
Alfred William Kukitz �" USA


I'll never be a jihadee
For I do not believe in death
So if you say jihad's for me
I'll always opt for loving breath
Anonymous - Our World

The planets and stars aligned 
And genuflected in homage 
To the hope born of despair 
Sent to save us from ourselves. 
Anto - Ireland 


Rain fills the sky, God's gift will dry your eyes. 
Our four corners of this globe. We hold together peace in our giving.
Our tears will become one, held together in prayer. 
Peace and joy we request in his name. 
Arthur Henn �" USA


Jingling bells, falling snows,
The holy spirits are singing upon us, blessing the courage, peace, and love to all of us,
The one that is important to us, may we will be blessed with a deeper relationship with them.
Asakara Yoruto �" Indonesia


We should celebrate the difference now,
no care the what, the why, the how,
and it matters not how the dice may fall
for above, watches one that loves us all.

And he made oh, so many things,
the little bird that sweetly sings,
the phospher sea, the blue of sky
the seasons passing sweetly by.

So we must celebrate this life,
heal wounds and banish war and strife,
unbind the chains of difference,
for our span is only lightly lent.
Beccy - UK 


heavn cries till o ur well too deep
keep pray and him all year thru
at holliday we bow real low
to show good God our love he know.


The night is dark, and I'm afraid, but you,
My friend, will give me light to bring to birth
The marked out way ahead, as dawn shines through
For us to know we live in peace on earth.
Bill Grimke-Drayton - UK


It's a miracle, don't you see how wonderful a birth can be?
Joining past, present, future too, prompting angels to take flight
Instructing to shepherd not to flee but
Facing the future as it was and will always be.
Bobbie C. - UK


Piano keys dance a merry melody
Voices rise together in a harmonious hymn
Peace on Earth Good will towards men
One world in festive unity of Christmas reverie
And all the many rejoice as one, mankinds merry dancing
Calamity of Jennifer - USA


Christ Birth Has Lost Its Meaning
Mostly We Indulge Instead Of Quiet
We Call It Xmas Instead Of Christmas
Let Peace Reign- it is what CHRISTMAS represents 


In frosted glass I stare serene at city scenes on plastic snow

And listen to a song so sweet, a tune of peace to all the world

Then rise haunted voices of war’s trembling painful cries

Let us clear a path of peace in the season’s alabaster skies

C Froman - USA


I wish for all the moons of mythology
to squeeze tight into the Paris streets, to show how random hate
has worn so conspicuously small and how
only unrequited love endures..
dana rushin �" USA


Whisper in the cosmic wind,
Alpha of creation's birth,
Peace is found when proud knees bend,
Child sent to show all life holds worth. 
David Scott - USA


In a year that's been filled with thunder,
We found comfort in faith with Father,
And on this special day of Christmas,
We give thanks for our grateful happiness.
Dayran - Malaysia


There is a freshness in the air
Touches our heads with soft touch of care
Give us feelings of no more fear
Cause our Father is always here.
Dhiman �" India


Oh, peace is what I need to feel
Around this world, I want it real
God's angels touch the heart of men
Make use of words and mighty pens

Dhaye �" Philippines


The soldier died a thousand times as blood began to spill.
He doesn’t know and never will, the man who he’d just killed.
We’re driven by religions...Driven by our greed.
But Humans being HUMAN...That is all we need.
d.wood �" UK


As frost flickers into a trillion diamonds
the December dawn raises its face and horizons blush;
creatures shuffle misty sighs across a simple stable -
and Peace fills our World with courage, love and hope.
Emma - UK


To South, West, East, and North I call to thee,

Light up the night, Let the earth sleep with sweet lullabies.

Christmas eve, oh Christmas eve, here it comes and fast, it disappear,

Peace and love, I pray to let it forever remain in everyone's heart.

Fate - Philippines


Salvation glistens 'pon angel's wings
Let us listen to their peaceful song
'Tis the message of serenity they bring
An aura of light within a halo of calm.

Fran Marie - USA


Oh war, oh war, oh deadly war
release me from your violent claw
free me from your silent maw
let only peace be what's in store.
Gideon Roos - South Africa


A bird's call marks new dawn,
for dwellers in a shadowed land.
all covers are withdrawn,
united now we stand.
G. Ivanovic - Israel


In the dark night whre trembles life till dawn
pray clouds inhale the bliss of He who lay
innocent of the shadow of strife to come.
May Peace live on the heels of hope.
gretelhootmin - Denmark 


Oh let there be Peace

from the Light of the Lord

Oh let there be Blessings

from The Lord Jesus Christ

Im His Daughter - Canada


Across the world, darkness falls
Moving slow from east to west
The world awaits and hearts elate
At signs of the Christ child's birth.

Hope is spread throughout the land
Shepherds and angels proclaim
The saviour's born this Christmas morn.
Awake new world and rejoice.

As love and joy surround us,
This season serves to remind
No color skin matters to Him.
Peace on Earth! Goodwill to men!
JayceeC. - USA


A lonely little candle glowing
bravely casting flickering light
between shadows of a painfully dark world
defining, defying the night
deeper into the wick
leaving a meager flame struggling to live 
But even a little candle deserves great honor
for “a candle only shines in the dark.”
Jill Martin - USA


Come together Daughters and Sons 
Share Good Tidings this world around
Come together.. All Daughters and Sons
Proclaim Peace.. To everyone !


Streetlights glisten an effulgent glow.
In silent repose
the world presents itself pristine and bright...
like that one Holy night.
Kelly Scheppers - USA


Watching this season of our world
Listening to the quiet winter stars
A belief, a perfect peace
is falling on life, silently dancing.
Ken Simm - Scotland


I wrap my gift in the deepest meadows of truth 
securing it with ruby red ribbons bequeathing life’s lasting breath 
I hold it with outstretched arms offering only peace and harmony
with a conveyance ladled in lashings of unconditional love 

KWP - Australia


It is to which on high I see 
sparkles bright within your eye
a twinkle speaks in rainbow's stretch
calm skies of peace to unify 
ladysue - USA


Peace of Earth 
just because the sins of you Humans! '
Lily Finch/Maryam Waris - Pakistan


Angels in relief and comfort fly by and sing,
The Devil who is exiled deep down in Hell is no longer an enemy,
All the people and animals do their natural thing,
Everyone and everybody is tied together in a cycle of harmony.
Lydia - USA


This season, may we recall some lesson [build a longer table]
of some Middle Eastern family or other, needing shelter some special night
some time ago? For peace grows in homes, hearts [not a higher fence];
there has never been a scarcity of love in this world. Only its application."

"Esta estacion, podemos recordar alguna leccion [construimos una mesa mas larga]
de alguna familia u otra, necesitando refugio alguna noche especial,
hace un tiempo? Por paz crece en hogares y corazones, [no una cerca mas alta]
y nunca ha sido una escasez de amor en esto mundo. Solo en su applicacion."
Marie Anzalone �" Guatemala


Under a blanket

Of fresh fallen snow,

Dreams of Peach on Earth

Give a warm glow

Melissa Andres - USA


Happiness and sorrow
They never part ways
For a peace on earth to follow
We need the end of our days

Mikael Malmberg - Finland


Chanukah stars with “C” just like your Christmas does,
Jesus keeping Chanukah years before a Christmas was,
long before Jesus died in bidding this life a fair adieu,
he kept God's Law fervently because Jesus was a Jew,
Marvin Thomas Cox Flynn - USA

Of all seasons to shore
A winter of silver lining
Ending a time of struggle
To shoulder all light 

Nisreen - Canada


Snowflakes glisten on every note sung by
angels bringing heaven to earth leaving a hush
where shepherds sigh and wise men bring gifts
of Frankincense and Myrrh where lambs sleep 
Patricia Wedel �" USA


Dismiss the fairy virgin tale
And let fanciful stories cease
And don't you know that without fail
We might get a little peace
Peter Rogerson - England


There used to be snow this time of year

I wonder on the lack of it

still, I wish Merry Yule to one and all

prayers ascended for unity's call

PoppySilver �" UK


Nós veremos a lua a dançar / e as estrelas a sorrir

Anjos a cantar / e lágrimas a secar

Se a violência conseguirmos suprimir

e a paz germinar.


We will see the moon dancing / and the stars smiling

Angels singing / and tears drying

If we suppress the violence

and germinate the peace.

Priscila Sousa�" Portugal


Gazing upon your mirrored Christmas tree
Tinselled, gilded, and glassed
Reflections emanate with peace and love
Forever may they last
Pryde Foltz - Canada


Almighty himself gives signals,
when comes a day awaited so long,
and then comes the joining hands of the god's creation,
making the day worth watching.
Rashi Jain - India


My heart is full, yet it is sad …
a peace-filled world, I'd have be glad.
Thus, come ye brave (with hearts so bold).
don't be afraid to love and hold.
 Richard - USA


When angels breathe life into everyone,
love and hope under the winter sun.
People stand forth, sing Christmas cheer,
Prince of peace our star takes away all fear.

Richard Allen Beevor - Cyprus


While o'er the world terror does rage
Upon this day for peace we pray
And though with hatred men do fight
Kind acts of love hold greater might
Rick Puetter - USA


Brisk thought, warm change
Feeling simple as breathing 
A humble smile and crinkle-framed eyes 
Offer the gift of love and understanding. 
Roarke �" USA


As the holiday season begins to glow with the spirit of giving
May we give less material possessions, 
And more of what makes the heart richer, like love and peace.
Then lets promise to make it Christmas 365 days a year.

The Rock and Roll Cowboy - USA


Perfect peace, joyous is the thought
Everyday throughout each year
A season of cheer and hope is sought
Comes only to those who adhere 
Each day to love's atmosphere 
Sara Kendrick �" USA


Fragile crystals in the evening, slowly fluttering to a halt in 
Awesome shows of beauty and light.
It was meant for you, a sign of peace.
Close your eyes and remember, it was meant for you… 
Sariah - USA


Sings heaven, chants earth, sings choir, chants universe.
Blessed Christmas, come to earth, spread your glory, spread your mirth.
Let true peace dwell once more on earth,
May it glow truly beautiful in your abundant arms of love.
Saumya �" India


If from all, peace was expressed
Around the world, instead of unrest
Our hearts would melt, and we'd be one
Happy family, for Our Father and Son

Seashell �" Scotland


What expressions don a spirit's art
when hope scoops up in equal parts,
To chase away blackened hearts, apart,
And filter in a peaceful new start.

As fluid as a liquid light,
The rising cloak of brilliant night
Concordance surges into flight
A sheathing wall of golden white
Seriana - USA


Peace on Earth is that of which I dream,
Aspire to, beseech as I pray with diligence--
Yet, Peace on Earth is that which cannot be achieved
By an imperfect people addicted to conflict. 
Sheila Bowyer Kline - USA


In the morn when all is quiet
There is a peaceful air
As the sun rises cracking the dawn
The earth longs for night fair
Sunflower - USA


Christ was born in a Bethlehem stable,
An eternal gift was brought to the table.
Peace on Earth with everlasting life,
Embrace thy neighbor, end the strife.
Tammy Lin Snyder - USA


Oh ringy dingy thingy there
You shall not nest inside my hair
Please be quiet now, for what it's worth
Let me experience Peace on Earth
Tam Warink �" USA


Don't wait till your life is all done

to learn the lessons of a fool

Know the rewards of self are none

where love of others is the rule

Tate Morgan - USA


We all long for a world with peace.
But there will be no peace,
Until there is true inner peace,
Which comes from The Prince of Peace.
Tim - USA


They came from the east, wise men with gifts
To the babe, who was turned away by His own, no room at the Inn
Their folks come West today, no gifts to give
Shall we for them find room within?
Tomás �" Cárthaigh - Ireland


May we have...peace on earth,
As we celebrate...the wondrous birth;
Of the One...who love does bless...
Each... with joy and happiness..
Valentine �" USA


More now, than year 'round,
The world will pause to pray.
Faith will prevail, angels abound;
let us thank them every day.
WhiteWillow - USA


one night of the year,we ask for peace and cheer
the sky lit bright,as angels sing oh holy night
so put down your guns and raise your glass
God bless this night,as we pray it lasts...

Wordman �" USA

© 2015 An owl on the moon

Author's Note

An owl on the moon
If anyone has been left out, please let us know at once so we can make sure your voice is added to the chorus! May you have a beautiful Christmas season, and a bright new year of peace.

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It is lovely to read one...

Posted 4 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

And always better with your voice in our chorus... :)
Lily Finch

4 Years Ago

awww thank you for remembering me..
I will need some time to read this one all the way through..I know each poem is wonderful..Sara

Posted 4 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

Thank you, Sara! I understand. Just glad you stopped, and hopefully found a little peace here. :)
Sunflower/Sara Kendrick

4 Years Ago

Thanks, Craig...Sara
It's a beautiful work, is it too late to join in? Ok,, i just found the original email,, I have been under a great deal of stress this month, and am glad that it's over, although my Christmas was very calm and fulfilling. Like I said, it's a beautiful work, and I hope to take the chance to participate next time!

Posted 4 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

It's never too late to be a voice of peace, my friend. Join us please! Thank you for your kind words.. read more
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What a beautiful chorus celebrating Christmas and a wish for peace.
I'll always love the sentiment behind these global collabs at Christmas time

Posted 4 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

This is a time the world needs such peace, and I love how poets can blend their words and souls into.. read more
Breath-taking collaboration!
Loved the energies that surrounded this piece and made it shimmer with captivating sentiments!

Posted 4 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

Thank you so much, dear Jyoti! May your heart overflow with such peace, and may it rise in 2016 fro.. read more

4 Years Ago

Thank you! :)
My best wishes for you!
Awesome Idea... Thanks for posting my verse.. slight typo though.. It's Im His Daughter, not I'm. Thanks again for allowing me to participate.. Blessings! xox

Posted 4 Years Ago

Im His Daughter

4 Years Ago

xox thanks!
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
An owl on the moon

3 Years Ago

I think it's all clear now.. and so we go into the new year! :)
Wishing everyone a wonderful season of peace, love and joy. Thank you, Craig and Emma for generosity:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This comment has been deleted by the website administrators.
An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

Thank you for sharing your words and wishes with us all year, dear Pryde. :)
Another celebration of world wide love... Thank You Craig & Emma Joy Green

Posted 4 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

Dear Arthur, though we have not been in touch as often as in the past, you never fail to bring light.. read more
Nicely done everyone ! Mr. Froman & Emma, Thank you for hosting this event every year!

Posted 4 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This comment has been deleted by the website administrators.
An owl on the moon

4 Years Ago

Renée, such a joy to read your words, and a delight to celebrate the season together, from the shor.. read more

4 Years Ago

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An owl on the moon
An owl on the moon

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