The 13th Annual Christmas Collaboration is here!

The 13th Annual Christmas Collaboration is here!

A Poem by An owl on the moon

Thank you all for participating over the years!


46 poets from around the world coming together! We appreciate you all so deeply and this spirit of oneness with our voices lifted together. May there be peace on Earth.

Este año ha sido tan marcado de tristezas… tan profundas

que… endurecen el corazón, cómo soledades oscuras

Por eso, te suplico, “Padre Eterno,” tráeme los luceros, que necesito del cielo…

duele el animo mi lindo Guatemala… los desastres naturales,

la actitud de nuestros gobernantes… ya no es el virus ya que nos mata.

Es la indiferencia al hambre y el frio… mis hermanos… comparten un pan

y un tamal, a un niño que cree en Santa Clos de los ricos.

Ana María González: Guatemala (translated by Marie Anzalone)

This year has been marked by sadnesses… so profound

that… they hardened the heart, like dark isolations.

Because of this, I implore our Heavenly Father, bring me a bright star, that I need from heaven…

the spirit of my beautiful Guatemala is in pain… the natural disasters,

the attitude of our governing body… now it is not the virus that is killing us.

It is indifference to hunger and cold… my brothers and sisters… share some bread

and a tamale, with a child who believes in the Santa Claus of the rich.


El mundo necesita cerrar los ojos y abrir el alma ,

sentir más que lo que mira , vivir más de lo que sueña ,

caminar más de lo que corre , creer más aunque duela ,

por qué vale más la pena que duela al no sentir ,

lastimar menos y amar más,

si te pudiera pedir por última vez algo te pediría

que no te sientas eterno y plasmes con tinta

lo que de verdad vale pena como por ejemplo

yo dejo marcada la fe como el acto más genuino de la felicidad y el amor.

Ana Silvia de León: Guatemala (translated by Marie Anzalone)

The world needs to close its eyes and open its soul,

feel more than it observes, live more than it dreams,

walk more than it runs, believe more even when it hurts,

because it is worth more to hurt than to not feel

damage less and love more,

if I could have asked you something for the last time, I would ask you

not to feel eternal and that you transmit in ink

what in reality is worthwhile, for example

I would say that faith as the most genuine act of happiness and love.


What lies in Xmas cheer

but Pandora’s box

where the sleigh

of Christmas verse

travels on the words

of many across

minds world wide

in the celebration

of us reunited.



In the workings of the human heart,

It lives and breathes,

Concept learned from the newborn child,

Born ‘neath rough wooden eaves.

Hands reaching out in heaven-sent grace,

Life born again,

Lighting sky and earth below,

Need Caritas, Amen.

Annette Pisano-Higley: USA


A year full of uncertainty and fear

Culminates with a day held so dear

Family and friends unable to meet

Yet love and caring still flows so sweet

Socially distanced we still celebrate

Hoping that soon the virus abates

We need one another more than ever

Let not the stress our relationships sever



Glimmering Star with cascading light

Rains down hope from Heaven high.

This holy day just around the bend,

where better to be than here among friends.

Cherrie: USA


Your hand

Is grace and flesh and strength, knowing

My time is under siege

From youth, to peak, thoughtful slowing

Despite the time, you reach

Look, my son, I think its snowing

I hope that you find peace

At Christmas time, your heart glowing

Your burden is released

Corey Rowley: USA


Hope is a fire and shades of light

In the darkest corners of your night

So I sing you now this living sigh

May your heart rest in this season’s lullaby

Craig Froman: USA


If all a season is

is a chronicling of our days, then

love to is subservient to itself. And

our observation, whether religious

or pious, prevents our full

participation and devotion. To wit,

God and

the stars are forever skyward.

Peace on earth.



the sound of carefree laughter,

the random brief touch of hands

during conversations,

breathing effortlessly,

that sweet aroma of food filling nostrils

…that's all what's needed most in life...

as this year nears its ends, I realize:

we've been chasing all the wrong things

all our lives...

Dr.YumnaKay: Pakistan


to think will bring it

one thing most needed to see

not hidden but sought



Between the then and now, life paled to shadow.
Tears fell, families fragmented, life lost breath.
Gone laughter? Gone pleasure? Gone hope?
NO! Patience won. Horrors done. Farewell death
Cars now stand bonnet to boot magicking smiles.
Clutched pennies swapped for swirled ice cream.
Waves tickle fresh air, birds fly everywhere.
Pandemic ends, night returns sweet dreams.
I stand on the shore, looking, feeling. Freedom!
Tween here.there rainbows of children play.
Darlings kiss neighbours, dears hug strangers.
Our planet sings amen, each every day..
Emma Joy: England, UK


you open my expensive rhymes

my gift to you for the season

and I remind you often

how much my love costs

I expect you to be grateful

for what I put forth,

wrapped for you

to hell with mangers

and virgins and carpenters

and shepherds and not so-wise men

I am a not so-wise man

to subject you my own Holly-less whims

kiss me by the tree

I will charge,

your account will deplete

I am Santa,

but not the big, fat, jolly guy

more the skinny, sleazy, guy

in the false suit

tearing the mistletoe from his heart

if you find someone who will gift you free verse

perhaps, sitting under your tree

there will be love

I got that once for Christmas

was in line for returns

the next day.

erin-cilberto: USA


Holly berries, red on green

Blood upon the earth

So God’s love was plainly seen

And so, the virgin birth

Heaven’s Child, a sacrifice

For the wicked world that killed Him

A crown of thorns for this King born,

Blood spilled for earthly children

F.G. Franklin: USA


Hope is on the horizon

'tis what mankind so desperately need

a miracle perhaps lies therein

healing all souls which bleed

As Christmas nears

and fresh fallen snow covers the ground

and joyous bells ring out Noel

we pray a new year of peace be found

as only time will tell

Fran Marie: USA


The glimmer in the distance

the light at tunnels end

brings little joy or comfort

for hearts that need to mend.

And the hope now felt by many

will not ease the sad despair

nor will it stem the tears on Christmas day

at the sight of an empty chair..

Gee: England


What is most needed in life is,

Having faith in the valley

as you walk through the storm

Having light in your eyes

as you are guided throughout life, with God

Having truth on your tongue

as you speak the words of the Lord

Having trust in your hands

as you give your heart to the Lord

Im His Daughter: Canada


The year that's gone by, it's made me a tad bit wiser

For now life is but another name for uncertainty

All you have is today - Today is a "gift"

Cherish it; for tomorrow isn't promised or granted

If tonight you can go to bed, knowing that you've given your best to the world,

Been kind, understanding and empathetic and lived each moment to the fullest,

Knowing that today you did the best you could, spreading the glow of hope, love and belief

Then be rest assured, you've lived life king-size

For, today was a gift and you embraced it with all gratitude...

Inara (Samrudhi Dash): India


My Christmas day...

A morning blessing of the white lace of snow on the ground and the children awoke at 5 am.

We remove the small blanket together of Mary holding Jesus and we pray to baby Jesus.

Please stop the fighting, help the poor.

Please ensure everyone had shelter and food.

The little one, Jaden told me.

The best days of Christmas is being with you, Grandpa. We love the days of Christmas,

the presents are nice and you always ensure.

Christmas is laughter and fun.

And we must remember Jesus and be kind to each other. You taught me, Christmas is what we do for someone, not what we receive.

Ho, ho, ho Grandpa and Merry Christmas.

John Castellenas: USA


We need not a thing

That we have not already,

For nothing external

Will make our times steady.

Just look in the mirror

And know that the prize

Lies in the darkness

In back of those eyes.

John The Baptist: USA


Your highest mind waving with the colours of your imagination

The many shades of peace

Empathy breezes alive with new voices

And a time for the conversations of peace and joy

A writing of spells and ages

Learning the wisdom of slow words travelling out

And a sweet voice singing all the way home

Along the paths of one man’s gentle dreams

Ken Simm: Scotland


mindful of likeness

stars sing brightly together

acoustic light sparks

spreading wings within

to fill a half hearted world

with echos of peace

Ladysue: USA


The dusty, old lies have

Had their time, and

Their well-worn veils

Hide their ugly faces

No more - but instead of

New, greater lies, and

New, shiny bars for

Our old, rusty cage

We need nobler goals

In this coming new age

Oh, let us find something

Worthy to live or to die for!

Love carried the flag for ages

But, the bright lights in Her

Innocent eyes have drowned

In a sea of shameful sights

Her legs are weary

Her robes are tattered, and

With disbelieving eyes

She looks for hope,

For courage among the

Scattered, wounded, and

Beaten ones: us, Her daughters

And Her very own sons

We, too, have lost the will

To fight, and the drums that

Pounded in our bosom

Quickening the blood

Making us move mountains

Have grown eerily quiet

Oh, I do not know

What to hope for

But, as long as I see

Her majestic figure

Out in the field, I am hers

And she is my shield

Laz K: Hungary


In the most eeriest of yearies

with the feariest of faeries.

The grownups turn to childish hopes

for an end to all the tearies.

Reprising - in disguise

a list to Santa flies.

In more hope than expectation

there's really just one prize...

... A great big bloomin' hug!

Lorry: Scotland


Noches de tristeza por los hoy ausentes,

Ahora llego Diciembre, y la Navidad toca a la puerta,

Vientos de esperanza y solidaridad recorren el mundo,

Innumerables velas iluminando en la obscuridad,

Días en donde más que un regalo,

A veces necesitamos una sonrisa o un abrazo,

Días de Navidad, de recuerdos, de dar más que recibir.

Marco Antonio Aguilar: Guatemala (translated by Marie Anzalone)

Nights of sadness for those absent today,

Now comes December, and Christmas knocks at the door,

Winds of hope and solidarity traverse the world,

Innumerable candles glowing in darkness

Days in which, more than a gift,

Sometimes we need a smile or a hug,

Christmas days, of memories, of giving more than you receive.


The world needs a dream vast enough

to let her inhabitants rest, even just one month;

30 days, no drilling, no trucks, no tacky plastic figurines

from China. You, me, whales, polar bears;

endangered livelihoods and species, given

a little breathing space. A poem grand enough to say,

there is no “other.” A mirror big enough, to recall,

dreams of our collective face.

Marie Anzalone: USA/Guatemala

El mundo necesita un sueño suficientemente vasta

para dejar que sus habitantes descansen, aún sólo un mes;

30 días, sin la perforación de tierra, sin camiones; sin figuras vulgares de plástico

importados de China. Tú, yo, ballenas, osos polares;

sustentos y especies, ambos en peligro de extinción, dados

un poco de espacio para la respiración. Un poema tan grande para declarar,

no hay “otro.” Un espejo de tamaño suficiente, para recordar,

sueños de nuestra cara colectiva.


If I be guilty Lord

pluck me from earth

diluting the feuding that manifests hurt

Make mute my lips

that speak only lies

inviting, inciting another to cry

Lay silent my tongue

that instigates war

defacing, erasing this "double edged sword"

Shroud heavy these eyes

that see only sin

blurring the spurring of hatred within

Take hold of this heart

that dwells within me

reviewing, renewing my integrity

A humble demeanor

I ask you to give

reminding, re-finding my reason to live

Mari' Emeraude: USA


On December 21st the Great Conjuction occurs. Saturn and Jupiter get together forming a bright star to the southwest. It is called the Christmas Star. The last time this event occurred of this magnitude was over 800 years ago. Look for it just as darkness creeps up.
Be quick, it won't last long.
As you view it's magnificence, be joyful, for God sent his son to save us all.
It was just the thing mankind needed then, and still needs today, for no greater love is there than to sacrifice ones self for another.
God bless.
Mike Lyle: USA


it was the end of a long day's journey.. and I was tired..
the sunset that night was awe inspiring..
there was a fog that was unusual in it's color and texture
and the temperature and.. and..
all the little mysteries of the universe
create the proper conditions
for a silk screen sunset
in colors of crimson and gold and lavender sapphire blue..
a peace that surpasses my understanding over came me..
it was stunning.. and I have seen some setting suns..
olla: USA


Presencia y esperanza,

añora y sueña encender corazones

substancia espiritual de vida

que busca luceros de promesas.

Canto humano, ¡Abrazo fraterno!,

navidad de los años sin tiempo,

plegarias de amor y encuentro

entrelazan manos cual moños

de los más caros regalos del alma.

Oscar Soto: Guatemala (translated by Marie Anzalone)

Presence and hope,

longing for and dreaming of lighting hearts

spiritual substance of life

that search for the brightest stars of promises.

Human song, brotherly hug!

Christmas of those timeless years,

folds of love and encounters

intertwined hands whose knots

give the most precious gifts of the soul.


As Chapel Bells resound over Hill and Valley

we pray for Healing of a Malady far reaching

to gather the people of all ages into a breath of

sacred moonlight miracles where the Light of a Star

will be our Guide with Wise Men from the Orient and a

Stable with a Baby to Save and Protect our World...

We come together with Masks to fulfill dreams and prayers

of a United Nations where Grace and Beauty abound...

The sound of Bird song and Christmas Carols and Chapel Bells...

Patricia Wedel: USA



I counted the deaths every day.

Every day they went up more than the previous day.

Like some hidden war in the shadows.

Striking without warning.

We'll remember this year.

Like no other year.

As we move on.

To pastures new.

Paul Bell: Great Britain



the percussion of timeless empathy keeps a bare-breasted beat

red rain washes over the earth in naked overtones

a wooden refuge tussels with waves of resolve amidst harsh skepticism

to where did the cubits of humanity go

this soft push come to a hard shove

where went loyalty, faith and devotion

in heavy lumber convened by a square peg

arms stretched wide in want, with a simple touch, we climb aboard

two by two

Pete: USA


A rose without a vicious thorn,

A cheerful greeting every morn,

A dream to dream, a place to hide,

Knowing she is by my side,

Secret moments without end

The two of us, my precious friend,

No bitter war, no hasty strife,

They’re what is needed most in life...

Peter Rogerson: England


Four millimeters

Of windowpane between us

But not for long now

Phillozofee: UK


Let’s heal,

cure us real,

in prayer kneel.

Future's conflicted,

freedom is restricted,

blessed be those afflicted.

We beg relief from all strains

of deadly virus's destructive pains.

Around our World dire sadness reigns.

Richard W. Jenkins: USA


Hay muchas maneras de nacer,

Naces en el corazón, Naces en los sueños

Naces en los barrios, en las casas y en las tiendas

Arropas la esperanza de los niños de la calle

Desnudas la avaricia de los otros

Y peinas los bolsillos de los conducidos por la moda y la fantasía

Pero cuando naces en el corazón algo se convierte en realidad

Surge una estrella en cada vida, se cumple un sueño que era utopía

Y entonces todo es posible porque la energía creadora viene desde dentro, una realidad se transforma en copos.

Rita Santos: Guatemala (translated by Marie Anzalone)

There are many ways to be born,

You are born in the heart, You are born in dreams

You are born into barrios, into houses and in stores

You are tucked into the wishes of street children, In the naked greed of others

You comb the pockets of those motivated by fashion or fantasy

But when you are born in the heart, something is made real

A star surges through each life, fulfilling the dream that was utopia.

Thus, all is possible because the creative energy comes from within, a reality transformed to snowflakes.


I watched my footprints withdraw in the snow

As Flurry displaces my passage

And how I arrived I’ll soon not know

This wintry flourish to my vantage

Drafts the trees in a glistening tableau

From the prosaic to enchanted

Lifting my trudge in the seasons bestow

In a new vision of hope decanted

To carry my plod in promises throws

Robert Trakofler: USA


Water from the Sky,
Water from the Earth.
Snowflakes as well as Icicles
Dangled from the Rim
Tears of The Child
Will Never Run Again.
Rivers as well as Mountains
Compassion and Care,
What We Need Most is Water
But Not from the Air.
Middle Eastern Influence in which has been as well in Desperate and Dire Need. Although I did Not Write this Piece of Poetry, I place it for Entry. Be it known that in fact The Decimation of the Land of The Middle East is not of American Influence but that of Decimation Industry of Child Labor, Prostitution as well as Child Enslavement and Trade. WATER is What they Need MOST to Stop Human Trafficking.
Sandi Scott: USA


This Christmas you're forgetting

All the ones not attending,

They're crying and needing

One night of feeding,

Can you hear them dying?

With children beside them?

Pretending they're not our brothers

Spit the truth, we let them suffer



Tiny tendrils of hope dangle upon this great orb
whispering thoughts of kindness, sharing, and love
Sprinkles of light filter in a need...of fellowship,
squeezing into the darkest of shadowed corners.
Patience...lingering month and again,
As hand after hand unites in universal harmony,
Glowing and growing the hope with this season's humbled joy.
Seriana: USA


This search for happiness

is just an illusion,

hopes, and dreams grow then fade


Whilst we spend precious time crying

the trees, birds and flowers thrive

in acceptance of their given place

without question;

and in that they become

calm, beautiful and serene,

the very thing that does bring

true happiness;

and maybe that is why

God didn’t need to give them


Stella Armour: UK


a Christmas poem,

what is most needed in life,

there's a story here

everyone can say,

what is not needed is strife,

i've had my fill now

whoever reads this

what is needed most in life?

smiles, hugs and laughter.

Ted Kniffen: Canada


I need to look up in meek wonder,

to walk in a crowd alone,

have my madness torn asunder

while I traveled the unknown.

I need to fail into blunder,

to sin and atone.

I need to greedily plunder

my bliss from her moan.

T.S. Ulmus: USA


Flor de pascua ardiente fogata

tus labios rojos se tiñeron de lamentos

y una profunda nostalgia reina en todas partes.

Los foquitos navideños tiritan agotados,

reclaman combustible de alegría familiar

y con el corazón roto siguen su peregrinar.

Son tantos anhelos para esta navidad

como la buena salud recobrar.

Lo maravilloso es que el amor sigue obrando

sin descansar.

Vitalino Fidel Flores:  Guatemala (translated by Marie Anzalone)

Poinsettia flaming fire

your red lips tinged with laments

and a profound nostalgia reigns in all parts.

Christmas lights shiver tiredly,

reclaiming the fuel of family joy

and with a broken heart, continue their pilgrimage.

There are so many desires for this Christmas

like recovered good health.

The marvelous thing is that love continues working

without rest.


He prepared us for this period,

We were gathered to make use of His Blueprints.

He made us think and search,

From within our soul and into the deepest feelings in our heart.

This sudden disconnection has brought ways for all of us to reconnect.

Like how He divided the water to make a path for salvation,

But It is all up to us to take the already given Grace.

He dwells in us, for we were never alone.

A date with God's son Jesus Christ.

YanZeros: Philippines


© 2020 An owl on the moon

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Featured Review

Beautiful Craig! So many voices unite as one. I read with a smile on my face, imagining what he or she was thinking as they wrote their verses. What better love than the sharing amongst friends? A fellowship of togetherness during the tough times behind and ahead, and the sacredness of the holiday season. Thank you and Emma, BOTH for coordinating this great effort. Happy Holidays to ALL!

Posted 11 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

An owl on the moon

11 Months Ago

Thank you so much for joining your precious voice to ours! And yes.. what better love... we need to .. read more


What a great collaboration of Christmas voices. It's almost like carolers singing at my door; bringing the warmth and love, even on the coldest Christmas day.

Posted 10 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

10 Months Ago

So good to have you by, my friend! And yes... the world needs voices coming together... now more tha.. read more
Well and thank you, Craig and Emmajoy.
Lovely words from everyone for us to read and celebrate, for celebrate we will .... poetic voices singing together :)

Posted 11 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

10 Months Ago

Wishing you such a happy New Year, Stella... and many more moments we can all sing together :)
Well done collaborating my fellow writers & long time friends! There is so much good happening this year, this is just one of the good things! God is good, Jesus is the reason for the season & know he is always for us & with us. He makes a way where there doesn't seem to be one! Choose to embrace the positive! He's what's needed most in life! Blessings everyone. I've missed my long time friends.

Posted 11 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

10 Months Ago

So happy to have your words and presence here! Thank you! And now onto endless blessings in this New.. read more
Im His Daughter

10 Months Ago

Absolutely, Happy New Year, everyone!
Thank you so much to Craig and Emma for putting this together, and, especially, for helping me get the crimijnally underrepresented talent of Central American writers to the world stage. This year's entire entry is filled with the sadness and strained hope I think we are all feeling, all of us, everywhere,in every corner of our little round blue marble.

Thank you for keeping the hope alive.

Posted 11 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

10 Months Ago

So grateful to have your voice and these other wondrous voices from Guatemala added to our song each.. read more
Craig, it's been such an honour and joy to help you bring yet another collaboration to life!

We've had thirteen years of wondering if it would happen and not once have members failed to impress us in the wonderfully moving way they have.

The same applies to you in placing all the posts and their writers and whereabouts in pristine fashion and in alphabetical order, that whilst working full time.. brilliant.

Dare I say, 'Here's to next year.' You know if we could all succeed so brilliantly in 2020 after such a stressful year, I reckon we could all do just about everything!!

Well... almost!

Posted 11 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

11 Months Ago

Thank you SO MUCH Emma! So excited to see all these poets come together... especially after such a l.. read more
I counted the deaths every day.
Every day they went up more than the previous day.
Like some hidden war in the shadows.
Striking without warning.
We'll remember this year.
Like no other year.
As we move on.
To pastures new.

Paul Bell.
Great Britain.

Posted 3 Hours Ago

Posted 11 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

11 Months Ago

Paul's voice is now melted into all of ours. Thank you for letting me know.

Posted 11 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

11 Months Ago

I so appreciate you sharing your light here every year, and for always being so encouraging! And yes.. read more
Beautiful Craig! So many voices unite as one. I read with a smile on my face, imagining what he or she was thinking as they wrote their verses. What better love than the sharing amongst friends? A fellowship of togetherness during the tough times behind and ahead, and the sacredness of the holiday season. Thank you and Emma, BOTH for coordinating this great effort. Happy Holidays to ALL!

Posted 11 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

An owl on the moon

11 Months Ago

Thank you so much for joining your precious voice to ours! And yes.. what better love... we need to .. read more
It's not too late to join us! Please let me know if you would like your voice added to our chorus. May peace fill the world... it's so needed.

Posted 11 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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An owl on the moon

2018 was a journey through my poetic novel, An Owl on the Moon. 2019 found me goinging back to a deep inspiration for me... Wonderland...2020 will whisper itself over the seasons... Come walk the worl.. more..


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