14th Global Collaboration!

14th Global Collaboration!

A Poem by An owl on the moon





This year, 36 poets from around the world came together! We appreciate you all so deeply and this spirit of oneness with our voices lifted together. May there be peace on Earth.


i try to put my butt on the ground

stretch my head into the clouds

breath an atonement love

to calm the tempest of the winds



Love, peace and bless,

Give, help and rest,

Remember and smile,

In Holiday style!!

Annette Pisano-Higley: USA


We are one in heartbreak and joy

together we mend the divide

do our parts to green the planet

kindred spirits for holidays

Betty Hermelee: USA


If I could but wish away mendacity

gift the world in greater community

blessings by those who came before

In the aspirations for world wide unity

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada: USA


Happiness envelops my heart today

As dreams of true harmony sing the air,

I wish to clothe the world in peace

A gift that the world will kindly share.

C. Froman: USA


Brilliant Star of Bethlehem

Shine across each age

Let us see the gift of our king

for mankind He came to save

Cherrie Palmer: USA


I remember your line about the quality of light in a Christmas Eve living room, inviting

I still can't sleep when that glow permeates the crack beneath my bedroom door

When the family is gathered round the fire, the curling smoke evokes your likeness

But, even smoke can't mimic the lightness of being that I felt sipping cocoa with you on Christmas Morn

Corey Rowley: USA


Christmas is coming.

Time for the family to gather.

Time to reflect and pray.

Time for us to stand strong for hope,

love and peace. Merry Christmas.

Coyote Poetry: USA


As people relish

In the material gifts

From friends

On this holy night

I give praise and delight

In the truest gift from God

called the holy light.

Dale Deadmond Aka The rock and roll cowboy: USA


But wait!

Imagine a cluster of stars

while still contemplating the sorrows of this world.

Now imagine a single star disentangled from that cluster:

He will be named

wonderful counsellor, prince of peace, everlasting father;




On a cold dark, December night

Things began glowing extra bright

It was Rudolph’s shinny red nose

At they began their Christmas flight

Dave Brown: Canada


Of all the gifts one can offer,

there is a deeper desire I harbor.

To make every human smile in delight,

and erase each virus and disease from sight.

Dr.YumnaKay: Pakistan


Untouched by human hands

a package Divinely foretold.

The Virgin Mary, Mother grand

holds the Savior of the world.

Einstein Noodle: USA


Dancing with Ancestors upon the ceremonial ground

"Ga-du-gi", Our Cherokee way of helping each other

Dried beans in turtle shells, the constant stomp sound

pow wow of peace for grandfather and grandmother

Faris Greybear: USA


How inspiring it is to be right in the moment.

To know there is something beyond the knowing.

To feel the theatre of life's momentous journey.

To stand still in the centre of earth's slow turning.

Fay Slimm: UK


To mother earth I'd gift a voice

so that she may have her say

on the rape and pillage of her soul

not once, but every day.

Gee: UK


From first language to ancient psalms

In lyrical sounds or written poetry

Kindness I gift with decent balms

Healing the world with love and beauty.

Ghounwah A.A: Syria


we could walk absorbed through a tranquil haze of humanity,

and build a new city far away from all the flames and grieves,

it would allow us to color our dreams with vibrant felicity,

and so we'd sense the petrichor of post rain with serendipity

Grace: India


that star shines with less glow

the one that showed the wisemen where to go

the nativity needs to be reassembled

hearts need shepherds to guard their flocks with love

maybe that light can again shine stronger above

and quash the fears in life that are causing our spirits to tremble.

jacob erin-cilberto


A gift to the peaceful world in words.

And wandering thoughts in precious sight

Breathing in the seasonal cares

And wonders in the starlit night

Ken Simm: Scotland


Thank you for your cheer

for this coming up year

we all need some love

times have been tough

it's time to be kind

leave this year behind.

Kerra H: USA


If I could with words gift you silence,

I'd let your soul rest in it to escape the violence

Of lies, white though they may be like snow,

For the light of truth is on high, darkness lives below.

Laz K: Hungary/Taiwan


Friends are family made to last or not to last

they help mold us into either the good or the bad

they are their for us in times of need

always their to pick up the pieces and give advice

friends are the meaning that helps us find our true selves

littlekinglord: USA


Kindness grows when reflected and magnified, in multi-faceted baubles

full of kaleidoscopic smiles, that grow into our own

from the hopes and dreams of babes, smiles infect

growing and spreading, in defiance of lifes frowns.

Lorry: Scotland


Jolly mood and colorful lights slant my home

We're filled with the Mistletoe aroma

A little bit of spice from the kitchen cooking

A taste that brings happy atmosphere all around.

MilkyWay: Albania


life takes some funny twists and turns

getting from there to here..

and even when it's a wild ride

it's our friends that make it dear...

olla: USA


Journeys on Christmas Eve as far as the Eye can See...

I believe the Wise Men desire to be in the Presence of

a Savior who loves all the people in the World;

therefor, His Gift will be to heal the Hearts of the wounded...

Patricia Wedel: USA


Let everyone reflectively endeavour

To consider this Christmas season

Of all the intrinsic worth to embrace

Love is the most important reason

Phillozofee: UK


O’ bless us all, each girl and boy …

every woman and man alive.

And, everywhere sing peace ’n joy,

within each heart may love survive.

Richard W. Jenkins: Wales


To tug at the spirit, my soul doth yearn

To vanish dark despair and live in peace

Seekers of light that shines where longings churn

Where voices intone songs of love's release.

Sami Khalil: USA


Looking above to stars shinning so bright,

then, welcoming grace 'pon morning's first light.

May true compassion grow within our hearts ...

With kindness to all that never departs.

Susan: USA


In peace will dwell our Christmas mouse

Who sets his sight on yonder star

That Joy will fill his family’s house

With Love that stretches near and far.

Ted Kniffen: Canada


Texasjane here ready to do my part to add my two cents.

I am not a poet, but send out hope to the world;

As a hug to share with one another and a prayer

To light our path with tolerance.

Texasjane: USA


In the darkness of your plight

love will always be

a lantern that I light

and hold, my friend, for thee.

Tim Suthern (Relic): USA


We will lose our tomorrow if we do not take action today.

Now is never later, and never too late.

The unused seconds of not doing for a greater good,

Is undervaluing a gift of our passing time.

YanZeros: Philippines


Time is off the essence……

Christmas tree ladened with presents……

Pretty baubles that easily shatters…..

Celebrate with love ones that matters….

Yellow Butterfly



© 2021 An owl on the moon

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What a wonderful beautiful collab from everyone....

Posted 11 Months Ago

I think next year I'll change my name to Zypyty Doodah or Aaron Aabarnathy, to be top or bottom of the list, but then again, I just spent 20 minutes trying to clean a bit of dust off my screen that turned out to be a comma, and an Oxford one at that!
Anyhoo, great to see the writers with a cause rockin it all over the world. How many countries is the record you've had? And let's go to beat that in Uhm... 2022...already?
May you all have a merry commercial exploitation of a once meaningful occasion.

From, the Grinch 😉😳😆

Posted 7 Minutes Ago

Posted 11 Months Ago

An owl on the moon

11 Months Ago

Haha... that is totally allowed! As are Oxford commas... :) Oh my... I think we've had between 25 to.. read more

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An owl on the moon

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