Unleashed-Chapter 2

Unleashed-Chapter 2

A Chapter by Fire Tulip

Please excuse my grammar mistakes, as you can see I am obviously not the grammar or spelling wiz. Will Zendra finally be unleashed?


 I hear keys jangling and a sudden burst of cold air. I wished the sensation could last longer, but the door slams and Opal staggers into the kitchen. It is nice to know you are still alive, and just know that outside of that door, it is just like that in the world. You can only understand if you were like me; locked away and stuffed in darkness, later to be dealt with.

“Hello, Opal.” Zendra says gently. Opal was an old woman that seemed to be going deaf. She was always the quiet type of person, saying as few words as possible. Sometimes she felt sorry for Opal. Her mother most likely threw her into this whole mess expecting her to be the motherly figure she would never be. But honestly, in her opinion, that is very wrong on many levels. Opal has a life too. It’s like she has just as much choices as me.

“Soup?” she grunts back. Zendra sighs remembering the time she accepted her soup. It turned out to be warm water and about a gallon of salt. She appreciated the effort though. Much more than her mother has ever done for her.

“No thank you. Do you know when mother is coming back?” Zendra had as much hope as a grain of salt. She didn’t even care at this point. She was better off without her.

“Not anytime soon.”

For awhile it’s silence. Silence and darkness flooding the room, drowning them. Finally, Opal notifies Zendra that Evon would be stopping by shortly. Then, she left. That was her daily routine. Wake up from nightmare. Collect herself. Wait for Opal. Dismiss food. Opal leaves. Evon comes. They learn about the place Zendra knew she would never get to see. Evon leaves. Zendra writes herself to sleep.

Zendra pads back to her bedroom where she sits at her window seat listening to the sounds of animals she will never see. She runs her thumb over the rusty bars encaging her and promising many restless nights. Suddenly, she hears the breathing noise she has heard every once in awhile. She can’t move; she is paralyzed with fear. She has no one left to run. All she can do is sit there and wait or it to pass.

“Zendra?” a voice whispers. Zendra’s eyes widen with disbelief. She knew the voice. She knew it much too well. It was Lucas Hendry. He was in Zendra’s class when her dad died. He had “mental problems.” That voice brought forth too many bad memories Zendra had always tried to push away. Zendra’s throat starts to close up. A sob emerges from her throat. All her self control just went out of the window.

“I’m going to open the door.” Hisses Lucas. Zendra shakes her head, wishing he could see.  She can’t speak or else she will end up in even more fits of tears. Zendra hears Lucas creeping alongside the house towards the front door. Just like her past was creeping upon her. Her legs are a useless tool to her now, like jello. Zendra must drag herself to the front door.

Bawling and burned, somehow Zendra makes it to the front door. She hears Lucas attempting to pick the lock. She knew it wasn’t going to work. When she first came here, her mother told her that no one could get in or get out without the special key. The last part was directed straight at her. Zendra completely crumples onto the carpet into a tiny little ball finally able to speak again.

“Leave!” she demands. It was useless though. Lucas was not giving in. A thought popped into Zendra’s head; Evon was coming. Evon was her only hope. She just had to fight the memories trying to break down her door. She throws her hands over her ears, trying to tune out Lucas cursing.

It may have been minutes, but to Zendra it seemed like hours, but Evon comes and finds Zendra weak and frail on the floor using every bit of her will power not to burst out hysterically again.

Evon, her hero, puts her to sleep, and offers her a glass of water. As usual, Zendra refuses and things go back to normal again. Except that after Zendra’s outburst, Opal nor Evon came. Hours pass. Days pass. Weeks pass. Zendra is still moping in her bed shaking away bad thoughts and neither of her friends come to check on her.

Just when Zendra thinks all hope is lost, she hears a firm knock on the door. She knew that if it was Evon or Opal they would just come in so she doesn’t move. The knock comes louder this time. When Zendra doesn’t answer again, there is an earsplitting crash. Zendra sits straight up in her bed, not letting fear get the best of her.

Instead of fear, she feels pure and simple joy. She see’s a sliver of sunlight creeping through her door. The same sun she had forever longed for. She bonds out of her bed and throws the door open, letting all the sun sink into her skin, the brightness of it devour her whole. Until she remembers someone busted the door down. Her heart starts beating at a wild and unnatural pace. She starts fearing that the intruder may hear it. She soundlessly slinks down the hall, past the kitchen and into the brightest rays of all. 

She winces. Not one or two figures stand in the entry, but three. Zendra blinks back the sunlight and lets her eyes focus. They are all strikingly gorgeous. The men are all looking at the floor not yet aware of Zendra’s presence. Zendra doesn’t waste any time. She observes their strong built bodys, smooth face, but most of all; eyes. They were all a minty cool green that she gets so lost in that she has take deep breathes and remind herself that these people just broke into her house. One of the three men look up.

“Keith…it’s a girl!” he says. The other two look up. In a split second, one of the men is charging at Zendra taking her down to the floor. As stupid as it sounds, Zendra now admires their hair. There is a fair haired one that must be Keith, a dark haired one; the one that said she was a girl, and a quiet brown headed one.

“Really, Preston? I didn’t know that.” Keith says sarcastically. Keith digs his combat boot into Zendra’s ribs. Zendra gasps in pain.

“Keagon didn’t know.” Preston retorts. So Keith was the fair haired one, Preston was the dark haired one, and Keagon was the brown haired one. Zendra squirms around.

 “Stop! You’re hurting me!” Zendra says frantically. Keith slowly takes his boot away. They all study her for a minute like she was some kind of animal.

“What’s your name?” demands Preston. Zendra has to think for a minute. Should she really tell these people? If she doesn’t she could get hurt worse than already, so she gives in.

“Zendra.” She says stiffly. Keagon points at her eyes and the three whisper together in a huddle. Zendra sighs. This was all ridiculous, no matter how stunning they were. She starts to get to her feet. They all rush over.

“Well, Zendra, it looks like your coming with us.” Keith says. Keagon and Preston grab Zendra’s arms and she walks out into the sunlight for the first time in years. Her mouth falls to the floor. She is surrounded by cobblestone streets, fresh cut grass, and miles and miles of identical houses.

“What’s wrong with you?” Keith asks. Zendra practically falls down in the grass like her clothes are on fire, despite Keagon and Preston’s tight grip. She gulps down the fresh smell, like she had been craving oxygen all those years. Keith yanks her back up.

“I asked you a question.” He snarls.

“I have been locked in that house for eleven years with no light!” exclaims Zendra angrily. Everyone wears an identical expression. It says, ‘we just found another mental person.’ Zendra blinks stupidly.

“I’ m not the only one?” she asks quietly. They all shake their heads. She sighs.

“This is horrible. And where’s the car? Back eleven years ago we had cars. Why don’t we now?” she grips. They all deviously grin.

“We still do. But we have a more…sophisticated form of transportation.”

© 2011 Fire Tulip

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Fire Tulip
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The book is really good. But you sort of change perspectives, but keep it I like it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I agree with darkest rose, this book does keep getting better and better. I have honestly no idea how to tell you how beautiful this writing is. I love all the darkness and danger! :)))

Posted 9 Years Ago

This book keeps getting better and better! I am utterly hooked to it. Keep this amazing writing coming :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Amazing! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Posted 9 Years Ago

You have definitely begun forming this story in your head and it shows, you know where your going. The writing seems a bit jilted at times but good stuff, keep up the good work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

It is very interesting. Remember; no light, 11 years, the sunlight would BLIND her now probably. Maybe impair her vision enough that it can be used for story purposes? Just a suggestion to keep more realism.

I really do like it though. It's extremely entertaining. I'm looking forward to more!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow..that is really good! I love your imagination and please continue this book...its too good to stop writing!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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