Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Fire Tulip

Juliet Martin moves in with her fame addicted father and starts school on a low note with a bad feeling in her stomach.


   I involuntarily swallow and let my hair devour my face, praying to God she won’t look at me. Ms. Crow’s penetrating cold eyes sweep the room, searching for her next victim. Every student in the room looks as though they are concentrating very hard to possibly slip under her radar, but to me, they just look constipated. I nervously gnaw my lip and keep my eyes lowered to the old, creaky desk where someone wrote Birdbrain. Right now, I really wish I was a bird. If I was a bird, then I would never have to walk into this dungeon again. If I was a bird I would be free and not have to deal with the divorce.

                “Juliet Martin,” Birdbrain snaps. “Would you like to come here and answer this?”

                No. I would not like to.

                I nodded grimly and swung out of my already familiar desk in the very back of the classroom. It seems like a million miles to the chalk board as I slowly made passed all the sneering faces of the people I have known for less than a day. Someone sticks their stiletto out in the middle in the aisle causing me to tumble to the floor. The class bursts out in hysterical laughter. This was just what they wanted. For the new kid to have a horrible experience here. Well little did they know I could play this game also. I picked myself up and smiled sourly at the snickering blonde with a tan that made her look like she rolled in Dorito’s.

                “It’s nice to meet y’all too.” I proclaimed in my sweet Alabama accent. They must really get a kick out of this little vulnerable country chick. I finished the remaining distance with a new dread hanging over my shoulders. Things were not off to a good start. I picked up a stubby piece of chalk and stared blankly at the massive equation in front of me. It looked like the equations back home on steroids. I knew that I would never in a million years understand this rubbish, so why on earth did they put me in advanced algebra? There is a loud rapping at the door and I let out a sigh of relief. Everyone’s head turns to face a young man with a white V-neck covered in a leather jacket and combat boots. I did a double take and felt my mouth drop. The man’s ocean blue eyes calmly flicks over every face and stops at mine. Then he does the most surprising thing ever; he raises his middle finger at me. My eyebrows shoot up and my face twists into in unpleasant glare.

                “What the hell?” I finally said angrily. He simply flops his dirty blonde hair out of his eyes and glares right back. The class looks back and forth at us like a tennis match. Birdbrain’s squinty eyes burst out of her sockets.

                “Mr. Prescott! Miss. Martin! Principal’s office. Now!” Birdbrain barked. I huffed and forcefully slammed the piece of chalk back, grabbed my backpack and stormed out of the classroom. The second I closed the door to the classroom, I stalked over to my locker and furiously twisted the combination dial. After the third try, a voice behind me startled me and made my bones freeze.

                “Having trouble?” a dark silky voice asked. The silk of the voice weaved around my whole body and made my knees want to buckle. The voice echoed in my head and my heart increased wildly in speed. I swallowed my previous anger and the ghost of a smile appeared on my lips.

                “Slightly,” I said carefully. I suspect it is one of my tormenters from Birdbrain’s class, but when I cautiously turn around, it is the guy who flipped me off. I immediately frown and start walking towards the parking lot where my trusty 1960’s red Corvette awaited me. Surprisingly, he grabs my arm and gracefully spins me to face him and his entrancing blue eyes, perfect cheekbones, and tempting lips. I pursed my lips and let my gaze drift to his black combats. Suddenly, I had to suppress a giggle. He seems so out of place here without flip-flops, swim trunks, and a surfer accent. His gaze remained steady and serious.

                What is wrong with this guy? I asked myself.

                “I don’t think we got properly introduced.” He breezily says. My eyes grow wide and I absolutely gawk at him and all his beauty.

                “Maybe that’s because you flipped me off and got me kicked out of class, Smart one.” I say offensively and continue walking. He doesn’t make a move to follow me. Part of me feels disappointed and part of me felt slightly relieved. This guy was starting something he did not want not want to get into.

                “You know what, Princess?” He called out smoothly. “I’ll find a way to make it up to you someday.”

© 2012 Fire Tulip

Author's Note

Fire Tulip
Still playing around with the idea of this book...let me know what youo think!

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Added on June 20, 2012
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Fire Tulip
Fire Tulip

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