An exodus

An exodus

A Poem by Chandradhish Ghosh

‘It’ did not know how it was born,

When time progressed,

‘It’ realized its existence.

It was alone, not knowing what to do.

“Do I stand here all by myself?”

It asked itself.

“No!” someone inside ‘it’self worded.

What to do…‘it’ started moving alone.

There was no plain to move,

Just a narrow elevated gorge,

With long black grasses on ‘it’s left.

On ‘it’s right was a white lake with a large black well.

It looked deep very deep as ‘it’ could see from the distance.

From there it was easy to slip down for ‘it’.

And ‘it’ did…it flew down…

‘It’ did not know when it stopped.

But ‘it’ felt that it had hit upon some others

Some others…of ‘it’s kind

“Are they all like me?”

“Do they have the same questions?”

“What are we all doing here?”

‘It’ started mixing with the others.

But ‘it’ soon realized,

‘It’ could not interact,

‘It’ could not speak or gesture,

Nor feel…‘it’ could not do anything it wanted to.

‘It’ could only live…

And for some reason ‘it’ had to mix with others,

And for some other reason it was losing ‘it’s identity.

And they are all becoming ‘Unity’

And ‘Unity’ was joined by several more ‘it’s.

Unity expanded, enlarged until…

It moved near an ovular opening,

Which, sloped upwards,

And then…when another it joined ‘Unity’,

‘Unity’ could not hold any longer.

It found an opening and lo!

‘Unity’ was out…it started falling…falling downwards!

Another steep, sloping plain!

On its right was a very smooth mountain,

Which peaked as ‘Unity’ moved along it.

And, which had small intermittent holes.

On Unity’s left was another elevation…

This…less steeper and more like an expanded dune.

‘Unity’ flowed on

Passing through the holes.

And approaching its way were several more black grasses

Not all that fat as before but,

More coarse and less in number!

Suddenly, ‘Unity’ found the mountain on the right turn

And it turned to form a barrier in front of it

‘Unity’ flowed straight and slammed onto the barrier

The barrier was soft, but even then

Several ‘it’s flew apart.

But ‘Unity’ did not stop.

It curved out a path encircling the soft boulder-

You could call it a boulder…can’t you-

Through the black grasses it flowed and then,

Without even knowing it sloped upwards and then fell…

‘Unity’ felt air for some moments until

It hit against soft ground, several more ‘it’s disrupted out

And then more flowed out and more and more…

And suddenly ‘Unity’ was no more!

© 2013 Chandradhish Ghosh

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deep my friend - you always astound me. x

Posted 7 Years Ago

Chandradhish Ghosh

7 Years Ago

Thank you. Magenta
yet another deep one, even deeper than the previous, wow Chandradhish you have really brought a new dimension to the cafe hey. very well written indeed, so much depth and such a high level of intellect in this piece, i loved it though it definitely cracked my brain.. kikikiki. you really thought this one through right? and you engaged the reader so well with this and kept the reader just curious enough to wonder what happens next and to want to read all the way to the end. bravo!!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

i appreciate what deserves it hey, if it's's good, can't deny it :)
Chandradhish Ghosh

7 Years Ago

I am still not a top rated writer here :p

7 Years Ago

hahahah patience is a virtue dear poet ;)
Seems everyone is in a philosophical mood on the cafe today....there's a lot of depth to this one, I think you're talking about the self/individual/spirit that is alone in all of us, how we tend to see ourselves as singular most of the time, then we feel 'unity' in some connections. Or 'it' could be something entirely different. This could go in so many directions really. My brain hurts from thinking so hard now. ;-)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Chandradhish Ghosh

7 Years Ago

Journey of a teardrop Freida!
Frieda P

7 Years Ago

Ha I always make things more complicated! ;-)
Very intriguing and gripping. You made the readers curious enough to make them read it until the end. I have to be honest, though, I'm not into "deep" writes such as this because I tend to write the obvious and see things on their literary level. Don't get me wrong: your poems are great. The problem is with me. ;

Posted 7 Years Ago

An exodus from unity or into unity...A splendid poem...:)............................

Posted 7 Years Ago

Chandradhish Ghosh

7 Years Ago

I thank you for this review...but Sami could you understand what I was talking about? I was just cur.. read more
Sami Khalil

7 Years Ago

Wow. You are welcome...:).......
We strive for relationship, unity, but worry so we will lose our identity, our freedom. But we do need that unity and it can be fragile. This was a wonderful philosophical write.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Pryde Foltz

7 Years Ago

The teardrop stands as a metaphor for what others will see. Really a wonderful piece, Chandradhish. .. read more
Chandradhish Ghosh

7 Years Ago

I thank you for your time and patience Pryde...I really appreciate it!
Pryde Foltz

7 Years Ago

My pleasure.

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