Orcanian Basics

Orcanian Basics

A Story by Orcanian

Orcanian is a superhero with special powers of an orca.

Name: Benton Chung/a superhero
Abilities: Run 600 miles and hour/ Swim 300 miles and hour/ Breath underwater/ lift 30 tons
Weapon: Steel Zhanmadao
Nationality: United Kingdom (British Chinese)
Age: 22
Profession: University Student (Sports Science at University of Birmingham), Part Time Tennis Coach
Personal Interests: Scuba diving, Marine mammals, tennis
Height: 179cm  Weight: 72kg
Relationships: Janice Koh (girlfriend/schoolmate), Edward Daniels (best friend/schoolmate), Emily (elder sister), Aunt Trish and Uncle Bob Yeung

Antagonist(s): The Pirates of the Dead, Vice- Chancellor Martin, Fake Edward

How Benton became an orca:

One summer holiday, he was scuba diving in Hawaii with Janice and Edward. He was struck in in the head by a glowing rock with a virus called "Orcania", a fictional disease from orcas. Catching the virus, He fell into a coma and was taken to the hospital for three days. During his days in the hospital, the Orcania spread all over his body and became supernatural.

© 2011 Orcanian

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Feel free to give ideas and lend me a hand to develop this new-born superhero

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on August 27, 2011
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