Seeing Life Through A Stain Glass Window

Seeing Life Through A Stain Glass Window

A Poem by Chiquita

Brokenness can become beauty if the pices are picked up and held together with strength.


Someday becomes yesterday.
Eyes that looked ahead with hope become
eyes that tear up to morn broken dreams.
I did not see my life broken this way.
Nothing seems to have
gone the way it was planned.

Love was supposed to be forever.
It has come and gone, then come again.
Forever has become a fairy tale.
Ever after means something it never used to.

Time has fractured the glass that I
had viewed life through.
Rough edges, sharp shards,
open wounds bleeding.
Ugly remnants of yesterdays hopes,
ghosts, and eerie apparitions
haunting, taunting, laughing in mockery.

A change has come over me.

Stained with blood and tears,
the tempered glass lends
a new perspective to shattered images.
Images of the way it was supposed to be
now give way to pictures of how it is.

Glass bending light to improve my vision.
Life is not as I planned.
A multitude of broken pieces, and
seams of lead bent with heat
shaping beautiful scenes in rich colors.

Windows of stained glass.
I have picked up the pieces.
Now I look through new eyes.
Days are brighter through stained glass.
Open your eyes and behold...
windows stained with blood and tears.

Life broken like glass.   The pieces rearranged and held together now with the strength of lead.   Life seen through tear stains... beautiful.  New and not what was hoped for but the life I behold is mine.   I never hoped to be this strong.  I never hoped to know the beauty of seeing life through a stain glass window.   I hoped for too little.  

© 2008 Chiquita

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This is a master piece. The feeling this gave me as I read it was one of knowing exactly what every line meant. I've never read a piece that I so wished I would have written. I will not forget this piece. Rain..

Posted 13 Years Ago

Ohhhh, you brought it back. Now I can add it back to my Favorites!!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

What a clever write using a prism of color as a metaphor for the brokenness of life. You have taken something entirely sad "lost dreams" in which all readers alike can relate and turned it into a positive means of strength and new perspective. Impressive piece indeed.

Posted 13 Years Ago you touch on how life has disappointment, and rewards...interesting the way this unfolds as I read have gained such strength in your pain....and I think that is the maturity I love so much in this piece.....SO SO POWERFUL......this delivered a punch....I think I love your poetry...smiles Sharon

Posted 13 Years Ago

What a wonderful write, your strength is evident in your words. The way you have compared your life to that of broken glass, and again to the repair of your life to the beauty of a stained glass window. It is the beauty you see when all around you is darkness that gives you this ability. You have a wonderfully strong voice, that shows well in this.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Yes I see your point. I have a whole knew respect for you, the same repect I hold for those who make and shape teir lives from sof molds rather than fit themselves into ones created by others to apease themselves. Thank you for this penetrating veiw into who you are. Your strength is imeasurable.


Posted 13 Years Ago

Aw, this is wonderful. The strength we learn through repairing the broken. Such a wonderful metaphor for our lives. This was beautiful.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I like this and it brings a fresh perspective to something I hadn't envisioned before or thought about in this way. You make it work wonderfully and its stunning to read. I really like the last paragraph, it gives this even more understanding and ends it on an upbeat note that made me feel good about your poem as a whole.

I love it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

What a beautiful piece about strength and perseverance. I really liked how you turned something that isn't conventionally great into something positive. There's nothing wrong with seeing life through stain glass because atleast we can see! :) Very tender and soulful message.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I was a little up in the air with the last paragraph, but after rereading a few times, I think it's fine. the others sort of build up a certain amount, and this last bit is sort of the catharsis, where a noticeable change has taken pace, mostly this, "...but the life I behold is mine." Like ok, this all has happened, and feels this way, but it is mine, and theres nothing that can be done about that. I love the metaphor of life as stained glass, and becoming that way, and then suddenly seeing through it as though being your lense to see through life. That's hip to me. the last two lines really bring it to a strong emotional close.
"I never hoped to know the beautyy of seeing life through a stain glass window. I hoped for too little." And here everything seems to become clear. A great read, well constructed from beginning to end.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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