A Story by Chiquita

Random thoughts in the torments of silence.


The sound of silence is provoking insanity.  It sounds like my failures strangling the breath from my body.  There is no distraction from the mistakes that are haunting me. 




Solitude has screamed. It's cry is deafening. 

Perhaps there is someone out there.  Perhaps they are confessing their love for me and I can not hear the message. 

Maybe it is all a dream.  Indeed, it could be someone else's dream and I am but an image in their nightmare.  What if there is no way to wake them up and end it all? 

What if I am not?  Not that I am not a mother with a broken heart or a lover longing for her love.  What if I am just... not? 

What if the air that I breath does not exist?  What if there is no way to drown because there is no water and I have no lungs?  What if the energy bouncing from one neuron to another in my brain is just space dust colliding out there somewhere?   What if I am not alive and there is no way to die?


My pain is not here.  My tears are not falling.  My failures have hurt no one.  My life has touched not one soul for better or for worse. 

© 2008 Chiquita

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the intense pain of being human, we were created to touch another....I am often in this place, and I found your words resonant. Profound....I know it gets better, but I can relate to this place...the silence

Posted 13 Years Ago

I think this relates to everyone - every soul has felt this alone at some point I would venture to say. I agree with Rain - a piece that explores the torments of the soul honestly, without apology. very powerful write.


Posted 13 Years Ago

It's amazing how much alike human can be, and not realize it. I really like this for it's honesty, and because I've felt those feelings. It's like once you enter the game you can't get out. To not exist is to not be hurt, and not hurt anyone. Great piece. Rain..

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2008



My 40th year has begun. I have started my life over many times. I find myself in a place where I am starting over yet again. I hope that my writing will find a place in my new life. I have fancied.. more..


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