Review of the American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet

Review of the American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet

A Story by Charles Riley

I’ve admired my sister ‘s house that had an American Standard toilet, and also I believed it would not be such a terrible strategy to buy one for my personal. So I skimmed over the web and discovered the American Standard Champion four Right Height Elongated Toilet on the market in Amazon. Now I am composing this review after several days of observation, and I would like to discuss what there’s to this model and even what I’ve to say about it.


Overall Description

For starters, I warn all of those that are in search for a toilet that it marks this item Right Height since it’s never lower compared to the conventional model. This’s a fantastic change for me because I was required to do together with the standard height ones despite the tall stature of mine. However, for those that are average in height these days, I do not believe you must get this model since it is a little higher for you. The sister of mine that has an American Standard toilet features a regular level in the home bathroom though the bedroom bathroom toilet is a proper level model for the husband of her who’s 6 ‘3’. You find the picture of who must get this model today, right?

The ideal height measurement which is a trademark of American Standard toilets is 16.5’ that’s a greater amount compared to the standard 14-15’ level of all toilets. It makes the fixture from a lovely vitreous china information which has a sleek look which complements the bathroom. There is no doubt about the magnificence of this model. The two piece bowl and tank set is combined to complement the other ‘s alllow for optimum use.


Item Features

American Standard has built the toilets of theirs to be long-lasting and functional very. Among the characteristics I love about the toilets of theirs stands out as the EverClean surface that prevents the development of mildew and mold, mildew, along with germs on the toilet. This’s a fascinating feature, though I believe it’s some effects because I haven’t been cleaning the toilet too frequently however the shade is still gray and sleek. I believe it has some effect type on the surface area.

There is also the Champion four Flushing System general performance platform which makes flushing a great deal easier and much more optimized. This characteristic also guarantees no clogs, which though it’s too soon to say, I haven’t yet experienced. The 4" non adjustable, piston action Accelerator flush valve also would make the flushing better since the lever is convenient to press, and also it is less simple for breaking. I’ve encountered several flush levers that if you flush way too with click, but this has kept the intactness of its despite the heavy hand of mine. The flush lever is chrome plated which means you will not experience some signs of corrosion or don on that. It is going to remain metallic and shiny, and also the whole look of the toilet of yours will remain as gorgeous as in case it were new. The pace Connect tank as well as bowl coupling system ensures the 2 parts of the fixture are properly placed on one another, essentially removing all of the options of rocking, dismemberment, and breaking up.


Some other Features

The toilet is a really good as well as clean color of cream, but additionally, there are various other colors to select from like linen for just a shade of off white to beige, bone for an fleshy as well as frothy hue, along with dark gray for an extraordinary and striking fixture. The white one is exactly what I got since it matches the bathroom of mine completely. It is extremely sleek and clean in look and it makes the bathroom of mine a lot more appealing.

The flush of this particular fixture is ultimately created for low use so that you are able to conserve water however make certain that things are flushed down right. The 2.375’ fully glazed trapway is certainly large enough to enable the largest load being easily flushed away and through it. Together in the bundle come 2 color matched bolt caps for the most effective visual worth. Nevertheless, you’ve to have note that the toilet seat as well as cover aren’t incorporated with this particular model. Just the toilet itself and also the flush tank are in the item package.



For all those on the market that are searching for American Standard toilets but aren’t prepared for the proper level, be cautious about receiving designs including the American Standard Champion four Right Height Elongated Toilet since it may not have the ability to offer optimum comfort for average heighted people. Nevertheless, I’m really satisfied with this brand new toilet and I am certainly pleased with its features and height. Not merely is it quite aesthetically nice, it is also durable so I will not need to change the fixtures of mine for quite a quite a while. In case you are also in search of a great toilet and you are lean and tall like me, this’s the model I’d definitely suggest and I know nobody is going to be dissatisfied with it.

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Charles Riley

I’ve a lot more information and reviews about American Standard toilets at  []. I’ll also allow you to in on a bit of secret: Where you can obtain them more affordable compared to anyplace else on the web 😉 Many thanks for reading, good luck and!

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